57 Hit Songs About Thunder and Lightning (2023 with Videos)

Songs About Thunder and Lightning

The doors and windows are closed. The curtains are drawn. It’s raining outside, and off in the distance, you can hear the rumble of thunder. Occasionally, a flash of lightning streaks across the sky. Thunder and lightning can be truly awe-inspiring. There’s just something about the power of an oncoming storm that reminds us of …

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65 Best Songs About Change (2023 with Videos)

Songs About Change Featured Image

Change is one of the most frequently explored subjects in popular music. Songwriters can look at change as a positive or negative thing, and this leads to an abundance of lyrical and musical potential around the topic. Some of the most popular songs ever written are songs about change. Perhaps this is because a song, …

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40 Songs With a Profession in the Title (2023 with Videos)

Songs With a Profession in the Title

Some people are fortunate enough to work at their dream job, where every day feels more like play than work. From an early age, we’re asked to consider our dream professions. Our occupation takes up a significant portion of our lives, so naturally, many songs about professions have been made over the years. We actually …

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