70 Best Beat Drop Songs (2023 with Videos)

Music is among the easiest facets in which to provoke an emotional response and inject energy into a crowd, and there is no equal in this regard to the power of a beat drop. In this list, we cover legendary songs with some of the best beat drop songs of all time. These songs are bound to get you jumping and any party bumping!

Best Beat Drop Songs Graphic

While EDM is notorious for pioneering the legendary lead-up and beat drop mechanics, there are many genres of music utilizing soul lifting beat dropping experiences! We’ll be covering songs from multiple genres below.

List of Songs with Good Beat Drops

1. Easy Go by Grandtheft & Delaney Jane

Genre EDM
Year Released 2016
Album Easy Go

Upon its electrifying debut, the song “Easy Go,” mixed by Grandtheft and vocalized by Delaney Jane, was awarded 46th on the Billboards Hot Dance/Electronic Music chart, and at its peak, it reached number 26 on the Billboard Hot 100. Although most notable for its beautiful vocal and upbeat instrumental tones, the tune utilizes deep synths with progressive leads into heavy bass drops.

2. Eyes on Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) by Blue Foundation

Genre Dubstep, Alternative Dance
Year Released 2009
Album Eyes On Fire

Among one of the most natural and smooth transitions into heavy bass lines and abrupt but still somehow peaceful melodic dubstep, “Eyes on Fire” from Zeds Dead, remixed by Blue Foundation, remains today as a classic dubstep bass dropper. An instant classic and genre-defining remix, Blue Foundation found their Remix of Eyes on Fire inside of one of the most popular movies during that era – Twilight.

3. Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO Featuring GoonRock

Genre EDM, Electronic Pop, Electronic Hip Hop
Year Released 2011
Album CityParade Better Than Ever

A classic party slapper, it’s hard to deny the seduction of a fun hip-hop-infused EDM bouncer! The song was featured in 21 Jump Street and led the film to win the MTV Movie Award for Best Music in 2012, and the song also won the 2012 Kids Choice Awards. What can we learn from those accolades? That making a fun beat-dropping tune that brings tunes to both an adult crowd and a younger crowd is a tough but well-worth musical endeavor!

4. Surface By Aero Chord

Genre Trap, EDM
Year Released 2016
Album Monstercat 017 – Ascension (Removed)

An absolute banging legend in the electronic trap scene and being featured in the official soundtrack of Need For Speed 2015, “Surface” is an unmistakable ground shaker. This tune was among the most played electronic trap tracks of 2015-2017.

5. Sandstorm by Darude

Genre Trance, Electronic Dance
Year Released 1999
Album Sandstorm

Nominated for the Echo Award for Best Dance Singles and probably one of the most widely recognized electronic pieces ever created, this list just couldn’t be complete without “Sandstorm.” No, it’s not the hardest beat, and no, it doesn’t lift you to the brink with beautiful female vocals and then drops you endlessly with a bass slapper, but it is one of the most played and most recognizable beat droppers from the very beginning of the electronica era, a legend to be respected and a piece that still holds its own even today. There is a reason this is among the most popular tunes played at sports games. It’s an uplifting and fun energy-giving piece with a timeless beat!

6. Afterdark by Myrne Featuring Aviella

Genre Dance-Pop, Electronica, EDM
Year Released 2017
Album Monstercat Uncaged

“Afterdark” was our introduction to Myrne, and what better way to introduce a new artist to the EDM scene than pairing up deep beat drops and the tantalizing vocal prowess of Aviella?

7. Alone by Marshmello

Genre Future Bass, EDM
Year Released 2016
Album Alone

Marshmello’s fun little hidden identity and massive bass drops on the big-time music festival scene rocketed his career into stardom, and for good reason, as very few can engineer such creative and enticing beat drops. Marshmello makes music that seemingly injects energy straight into the veins of its listeners!

8. Don’t Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) by The ChainSmokers

Genre EDM, Trap, Electronic Pop
Year Released 2016
Album Collage

There aren’t many who dislike the original “Don’t Let Me Down” chart topper from The ChainSmokers, but of course, legends in the EDM space, such as Illenium, always see room for injecting fun and progressive lead-ups with energizing and big room drops. If you’re looking for songs with good beat drops, then this is one you’ll certainly want to listen to. The song also has a lot of bass in it, making it a great song to test bass.

9. Not yet by Veorra

Genre Trap, EDM
Year Released 2015
Album Gold

“Veorra” will make you wait for the bass while introducing beautiful vocals with a slow but enticing progressive trap line, and although the wait is lengthy, the drop is unique and exquisitely satisfying. If you have quality speakers, this song will sound absolutely amazing. This song has a lot of bass and other things going on, making it one of my favorite songs to test speakers as well.

10. Antidote by Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party

Genre EDM, Dubstep, Hip Hop
Year Released 2012
Album Until Now

Creating some of the hardest beats known to man from down under and nominated for a Grammy award for Artist of the Year and another for Best Dance/Electronic Recording, the Australian group Swedish House Mafia partnering up with the epic Knife Party group, has dumped an absolute subwoofer destroyer with this one. This tune is nothing but heavy bass, big synth riffs, and vocals featuring Swedish-American singer Adam Baptiste (ADL).

11. Turn Up The Speakers by Afrojack & Martin Garrix

Genre Electro House, Big Room, EDM
Year Released 2014
Album Turn Up The Speakers

The Dutch sure know how to damage my audio equipment, so listeners beware when flopping this bass-boosted banger. “Turn Up The Speakers” is an absolute slammer, utilizing every tool possible throughout the electronic music spectrum to create one of the most tantalizing beat-dropping experiences to ever hit the scene.

12. Rockstar by Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage

Genre Rap, Hip Hop, Trap
Year Released 2016
Album Beerbongs & Bentleys

“Rockstar” bass boosted itself up to the top spot in the US Billboard Hot 100 among topping charts in several other countries and being nominated at the 61st Grammy Awards for Record of The Year and Best Rap/Sun Performance. The relaxed hip-hop theme with hot bars and deep bass lines is attributed to a very relaxed and stoic vibe while simultaneously going hard and being eclectic.

13. Mammoth by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Genre EDM, Big House
Year Released 2012
Album Mpire

The epic electronic tune that introduced many to the EDM scene and is arguably one of the most recognizable festival-based Big Room pieces, Mammoth is an unmistakable pioneer in the beat drop category. Mammoth was awarded first place in the Tomorrowland top 1000.

14. Cinema by Skrillex Featuring Benny Benassi

Genre House, Dance-Pop, EDM, Dubstep
Year Released 2011
Album Electroman

D-D-D-D-Drop The Bass! Although probably not the first Electronica tune to give us that line, “Cinema” done up by Skrillex is probably one of the most legendary to employ it. Opening the 2010s, Skrillex gave us a bit of everything here while utilizing the incredible vocal range of Benny Benassi and mixing it up with exuberant synths, heavy bass drops, and infamous electronic switch-ups.

15. Gold by Adventure Club Featuring Yuna

Genre Melodic Dubstep, EDM
Year Released 2013
Album Calling All Heroes

It was hard for me to choose from the myriad of incredible beat droppers that the Adventure Club portfolio encompasses, but it’s also not a surprise I chose “Gold.” This melodic dubstep thriller embodies everything that Adventure Club is and pioneered within the EDM space. With entrancing ambient instrumentals into explosive electronic synths, it’d be impossible not to mention Adventure Club on a list of musical beat excellence. Adventure Club is also a big player in the space of utilizing beautifully dramatic female vocals paired up with heavy big room style drops working with the likes of Delaney Jane and, in “Gold,” the Malaysian vocal goddess Yuna.

16. Murda by Snavs & Fabian Mazur

Genre EDM, Trap
Year Released 2016
Album Murda

Murda, although far from the most popular track on the list, features a wonderful electronic-esque instrumental lead-up with a very pronounced hard bounce of bass that leads into deep Trap. Although the song itself lacks big notable accolades, Fabian Mazur was featured in nominations across the board from 2014 to 2018 for the Danish DJ Awards.

17. Get Low by Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

Genre EDM, Trap
Year Released 2014
Album Money Sucks, Friends Rule

Get low with DJ Snake in this uplifting and exotic speaker knocker. Once upon a time, this track was an absolute staple within the club and bar scene and could often be heard at sporting events around the world!

18. Propaganda by DJ Snake

Genre Hardstyle, Dubstep, Electro House
Year Released 2016
Album Encore

Ripe with strobing synths and several progressive beats, French-produced “Propaganda” is among the more “hardcore” selections on our list within the electronic music space. Although Propaganda has a significantly harder bass line and deep drops, you wouldn’t be alone in knowing DJ Snake for his extremely popular track “Turn Down For What,” which also has excellent bass lines and satisfying beat drops!

19. Sunlight by Modestep

Genre Dance-Pop, EDM, Dubstep
Year Released 2013
Album Sunlight

“The sunlight hurts my eyes.” Yeah, that’s exactly what I’d expect to hear from someone jamming out to this song, and its genre-related bangers, as the high-energy electronic synths with incredibly unique progressive bass drops are bound to keep you jumping late into the night!

20. Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix) by DJ Fresh

Genre Dubstep, Alternative Dance, EDM
Year Released 2010
Album Single

This fun British remix is certain to wake any audience from the very first second of the track, leading us through every electronica-like vibe and beat. The “Gold Dust” mix quickly became a heavily used club tune globally, and for many, this song was an introduction to the wide variety of remixes from Flux Pavilion. This is easily one of the best beat drop songs of all time.

21. Under Control by Calvin Harris & Alesso, Featuring Hurts

Genre EDM, R&B, Dance Pop, House
Year Released 2014
Album Club Sounds: The Ultimate Club Dance Collection, Volume 68

Nominated for the World Music Award for World’s Best Song and World’s Best Video, “Under Control” is an undeniable legend in the beat-banging category. From festivals to headphones, I’d imagine it to be quite difficult to find people that haven’t heard this song. The drops are fun and spunky, the synths are uplifting, and the tone of the song just exudes energy and excitement!

22. Sierra Leone by Mt Eden

Genre EDM, Festival, Drumstep
Year Released 2013
Album Single Remix (I’d Like)

A fresh and inviting dubstep mix from Freshlyground’s “I’d Like,” New Zealand-based Mt Eden takes Sierra Leone to new heights without losing its stoic and larger-than-life undertones. Sierra Leone is one of those come-up tracks that went viral on YouTube during the boom of electronic music and has since been cemented into legendary dubstep status.

23. Intro by The XX

Genre Alternative Dance, EDM
Year Released 2009
Album XX

“Intro” is not among the most progressive beat drops on this list, but it’s certainly one of the most well-known and widely recognized EDM songs to play and vibe to. It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what gave “Intro” its popularity. Was it the vibrant electronic riff that it starts with, or was it the fact that it does have a tantalizing beat?

24. In For The Kill (Skream Remix) by La Roux

Genre Dance-Pop, Dubstep
Year Released 2009
Album In For The Kill

One of the most legendary female-led category-defining dubstep mixes, “In For The Kill” by La Roux, remixed by Skream, is an unmistakable masterpiece with heavy drops and dramatic tones. This piece was so revolutionary for its time that it went on to achieve the NME award for Dancefloor Anthem as well as being aGrammy Award winner for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

25. Core by RL Grime

Genre Electronic R&B, EDM, Hip Hop
Year Released 2014
Album VOID

A serious subwoofer slammer, “Core” isn’t known for much outside of absolutely destroying musical equipment and delivering high-octane heavy bass drops that are very unique with a hip-hop-type vibe.

26. Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5

Genre Ambient House, Progressive House, Dubstep
Year Released 2010
Album 4×4=12

There’s something to the art of pairing a beautifully melodic entrance with out-of-this-world female vocals, only to drop absolute chaos with a heavy bass line and enticing electronic synths. There are many who have tried this route, but this example from Deadmau5 is by far among the most legendary. “Raise Your Weapon” won a 2012 Grammy award for Best Dance/Electronic Recording.

27. Noise by Qulinez

Genre EDM, Dubstep, Festival
Year Released 2013
Album Noise

A legendary entry into the electronic festival big house style music, “Noise” by Qulinez is one of those crowd-thumping bass-dropping masterpieces that can inject a tremendous amount of energy into even the most lethargic onlooker. This song was engineered ground up to get you jumping and to, as the song says, make some noise!

28. Language by Porter Robinson

Genre Electro House, Progressive Electronic
Year Released 2012
Album Serious Beats 71

An absolute legend in the electronic space and equally a legend within the gaming realm (featured in Forza Horizon 5), “Language” is a beautifully crafted synth-focused bass dropper with the capability of ripping your emotions around a wide spectrum of energies. Porter was in love with trance music as he grew up, and his music generally encompasses a deep trance vibe with fathomless emotion and enough energy to show up in the club and festival scenes.

29. HyperParadise (Flume Remix) by Hermitude

Genre EDM
Year Released 2012
Album Parallel Paradise

A fun high-octane energy-driven electronic dance tune with a nifty usage of synths, banging bass dumps, and a very uplifting and energetic tune, this remix by Flume of “Hyperparadise” gives this song the energy it always deserved. Not that Hermitude didn’t make a masterpiece, but for the purpose of this list, the Flume remix is just so much more fitting!

30. Innocence by Nero

Genre EDM, Dubstep
Year Released 2011
Album Welcome Reality

Nero is a trio British group that pioneered this bass-dropping masterpiece and leveled it up to the 167th track on the UK Singles Chart as well as 15th on the independent releases chart and 16th on the dance music chart. Equipped with everything necessary to facilitate mind-numbing bass drops, including dramatic female vocals, orchestral instrumentals, progressive synth lead-ups, and creative bass bouncing strategy, “Innocence” has secured its place among legends in the EDM/Dubstep scene.

31. Monster (Camo & Crooked Remix) by Professor Green

Genre House, Drum N Bass, EDM
Year Released 2011
Album Monster

Monster! That’s how I’d describe the beat drops in this track, and that’s exactly how it’s described within itself! This EP utilizes several primary keys to induce absolute embracement of a deep and tantalizing beat drop. From exotic hip-hop-like vocals to the utilization of intense drum and bass themes run alongside deep electronic synths and even a splice of what feels like an 80s synth, this song is quite the musical journey to behest.

32. Cannonball by Showtek & Justin Prime Featuring Matthew Koma

Genre Electronic Pop, EDM, Big Room
Year Released 2015

An intense entry into the big room scene, “Cannonball” has become a legendary modernization of the epic electronic festival genres. Like an Earthquake, this song is a sheer ground pounder utilizing heavy twisting synths and tumultuous bass drops. Some of you may recognize this song from its appearance in Anchorman, but of course, the majority of you have probably heard this song at any of the big electronic music festivals or clubs.

33. Tsunami by DVBBS & Borgeous

Genre Big Room House, EDM
Year Released 2013
Album Berlin Tag & Nacht 5

Nominated in 2014 for the World Music Award For World’s Best Song, Best video, the Juno Award for Dance Recording of the Year, and having 2x platinum in Europe, “Tsunami” is an absolute legend in the big room festival scene. Is this the epitome of high octane big room bass dropping musical genius? Let us know in the comments!

34. Heckler by Holly & Hounds

Genre EDM, Trap, House
Year Released 2016
Album All Trap Music, Volume 5

An emotion-wrenching electronic tune, “Heckler,” really yanks you along for quite the emotional ride. Soothing the soul with an essence of instrumental relaxation for a considerable amount of time, you suddenly find yourself enveloped in very low bass lines and grimy intense trap synths.

35. Dum Dee Dum by Keys N Krates

Genre EDM, Electronic Anthem, House, Trap
Year Released 2013
Album SOLOW (EP)

This mind-melting experience of an electronic tune is a lovely bass beater and ground pounder with eclectic and unique synths, waves of high-octane instrumentals, a taste of hip-hop vocals, and an endless amount of beats through and through! Whether twerking it on the dance floor or hopping with the crowd in a festival, “Dum Dee Dum” is a legendary pump-up energy-awarding experience.

36. Proxy by Martin Garrix

Genre Electro Pop, EDM, Big Room, Future House
Year Released 2014
Album Gold Skies

Martin Garrix is an absolute legend when it comes to dropping beats and absolutely obliterating the crowd with insane build-ups, genre-defining progressive bass lines, and soul-smashing waves of electronic synths. Garrix is so talented in this regard that although I tried to leave only one track per artist on this list to give a wide range of options, I’ll be adding two tracks of his here for bass-dropping reference!

37. Animals by Martin Garrix

Genre Big Room, EDM, House
Year Released 2014
Album Gold Skies

Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a festival, club, or electronic music-based bar, I just can’t fathom you not having experienced “Animals” by Martin Garrix. At just 16 years old, this legendary bass boosting beat dumping monster was dumped on EDM fans around the world, and the music scene just hasn’t ever been the same since.

38. Barricade by Axwell

Genre EDM
Year Released 2016
Album Barricade

You better barricade yourself from your neighbors if you plan on jamming out to this tune. With a progressive lead-up right off the bat, “Barricade” by Axwell wastes no time dropping a significant amount of bass paired up with high octane synths and several subsequent drops thereafter.

39. Catch Me by Yellow Claw & Flux Pavilion Featuring Naaz

Genre EDM, Electro House
Year Released 2015
Album Blood For Mercy

Flux Pavilion never fails to disappoint, and in this high-energy slammer, you can expect the very best from an eclectic duo of intense bass-dropping talent. “Catch Me” is a very fun, high-energy electronica fused with tantalizing female vocals and intense but exuberant beat drops throughout the entirety of the track.

40. Split by Tiesto & The ChainSmokers

Genre EDM, Electro House
Year Released 2017
Album Collide: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

The ChainSmokers aren’t exactly a staple in terms of conjuring up massive drops but pair them up with high-energy bass head Tiesto and, well, you get a serious knocker for the ages.

41. I Want U by Alison Wonderland

Genre EDM
Year Released 2015
Album Run

A trippy and lovely female vocal-led tune rallying up into some very high energy and high octane beat bumping followed by a mix of drum and beat that is bound to get you bouncing and the crowd hopping! This song has so much going on, along with the epic beat drops. So if you’re looking for songs to test your new speakers or songs to test headphones, this one is great.

42. Turbulence by Steve Aoki & Laidback Featuring Lil Jon

Genre EDM, Hip Hop
Year Released 2011
Album Dance Chart, Volume 30

Steve Aoki is an inspiration and a top-class artist when it comes to crafting intense and crowd-moving beats, so it’s no surprise that conjoining that with the eclectic energy of Lil Jon resulted in an absolute mind-melting bass slammer.

43. No Mercy By Vincent

Genre EDM, Indie Electronica
Year Released 2016
Album No Mercy

What a wild ride this banger of a tune is! It starts off with a light and in a way that’s almost trance-like. Then it suddenly runs us up to the edge before a very unpredictable drop of doom, then following up with more of that same trance-like vibe throughout, is just an incredible and emotional experience.

44. Spaceman by Hardwell

Genre EDM, Big Room, House Electronica
Year Released 2012
Album Hardwell Presents Revealed, Volume 3

Once upon a time, Hardwell filled stadiums in anticipation of being led up to massive drops and fat synth beats with a whole lot of emotion and energy baked in. Spaceman is probably the most notable of the Hardwell lineup, and for good reason, it’s an icon in the world of smooth brings-ups and mega bass drops. These are the kind of beat drops that get the crowd violently bumping and jumping!

45. Let Me Show You Love by Avicii

Genre EDM, House
Year Released 2013
Album Don’t Give Up On Us

“Let Me Show You Love” is highlighted by very strong and powerful female vocals with, you guessed it, lovely progressive lead-ups we all know and love followed by intense and eclectic beat drops. Avicii is an absolute legend in the space of bass heads, and although this is a solid banger, you should look to his music for many more expertly crafted beat slammers.

46. Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD

Genre Emo Rap, R&B, Soul Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2017
Album Goodbye & Good Riddance

Typically when I’m scrolling through my music libraries in search of something to get me hyped up and pumped, emo rap is not exactly a priority. With that said, however, the utter brilliance of the bass lines and beat drops within “Lucid Dreams” brings an emo rap lyrical story into the realm of bass-slamming excellence.

47. Toulouse by Nicky Romero

Genre EDM, Dance House
Year Released 2012
Album Miami 2012

In the emergence of Dutch-based DJs crafting absolute mind-melting beat drops, Nicky Romero is among the top legends in the space. “Toulouse” is an intense, high-octane tune with a very hard and fast-paced lead-up, periods of trance, followed by deep drops and heavy bass lines.

48. Nasty by Datsik & Virtual Riot

Genre Dubstep, Trap
Year Released 2016
Album Sensei EP

“Nasty” is exactly how I’d describe this track. It’s not looking to create artistic switch-ups, tantalizing melodies, or tell a story. This track has one purpose, to drop mind-melting dubstep beats as fast and as abrasive as possible. Not for the faint of heart, “Nasty” is a hardcore slammer with regular disgusting drops and absolutely slamming lines of bass.

49. Big Bad by Borgore

Genre EDM
Year Released 2017
Album Big Bad

Borgore, a legend and pioneer in utilizing intense drum and bass within the EDM space to create a calm and cool vibe and then dropping hard synths, mega switch-ups, and big room vibes, delivers this high-energy speaker slapping tune. “Big Bad” is an epic beat drop song that has beautiful vocals, but we’re not here for the vocals. The real juice in this track is the big bad switches, and bass dumps through and throughout the track!

50. Make Me Fade by Vanic X K.Flay

Genre EDM, Electronic Trap
Year Released 2014
Album Make Me Fade

“Make Me Fade” is an absolute emotional rollercoaster, bringing you right to the top with a lovely progressive drop structure and leading you through the woods with intense synths, big room pipe vibes, and intertwined luscious vocals. This song is memorizing, and in my opinion, it’s one of the best beat drop songs out there. If you’re an EDM fan, this is a song you’ll definitely want on your playlist.

51. Lights Out (Delta Heavy Remix) by Zeds Dead Featuring Atlas

Genre EDM, Electro Pop
Year Released 2017
Album Delta Heavy Remix

I wonder what we could expect from a remix done up by someone calling themselves “Delta Heavy”? I mean, “Lights Out” in its original form was already a masterpiece worthy of being showcased on a list of beat-dropping slammers, but this? This remix is just plain nutty, slamming synths into our ears at lightning speed and absolutely slamming the bass around the cranium.

52. 3005 by Childish Gambino

Genre R&B, Hip Hop, Modern Rap
Year Released 2013
Album V. 3005

A classic Gambino slapper, “3005” brings us through a fun, hyped-up beat with both intense and satisfying bars that are never without a solid beat and frequent bass lines. Nominated for the MTV Music Video Award for Best Hip-Hop Video and a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance, “3005” has become a legendary classic.

53. In Paris by Kanye West & Jay-Z

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2011
Album Watch The Throne

If you’ve ever experimented with or enjoyed installing subwoofers in your car, I have little doubt you’ve not run this song through them. This track goes insanely hard with dropping the bass lines, rap lines, and absolutely destroying audio equipment.

54. Mercury by Ghostemane

Genre Hip Hop, Rap, Alt Hip Hop
Year Released 2017
Album Hexada

“Mercury” is an absolute bass slapper. There are lyrics, but no one actually understands them or knows what’s going on because we’re here for the intense bass lines and unique beat drops.

55. Boss by Lil Pump

Genre Rap, Hip Hop, Trap
Year Released 2017
Album Lil Pump

With hard bass lines, long synth drums, and lyrics all about coming in as a Boss, “Boss” by Lil Pump is nothing short of a beat-dropping slammer. Come in with the sauce and knock this on the speakers at your next house party, and you’re guaranteed to get the crowd bumping.

56. Antidote by Travis Scott

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2015
Album Rodeo

An absolute legend in the rap space for speaker knocking, “Antidote” gets straight to the point and doesn’t shy away from strong bass lines and fun hip hop beats. For those of you who love rap music, this is also one of the most popular rap songs with good bass.

57. Gucci Linen by Blackbear

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2017
Album CyberSex

“Gucci Linen” is ripe with strong bass lines while allowing open space for the rapper Blackbear to have some fun with his bars before dropping more bass lines. These songs are a lot of fun to vibe with because the bass is addicting and emotion-rich while not drowning out the lyrical genius of the rapper and the story they want to tell.

58. Desiigner by Panda

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2016
Album Panda

I have a hard time believing a panda in the wild could survive the onslaught of bass lines and trap vibes of this hip hop classic. “Desiigner” starts off with a brief period of monotonous lead-up with nothing for the rest of the song but absolute bass-slamming drops and beat lines.

59. Carnage by ASAP Ferg, Lil Uzi Vert & Rich The Kid “WDYW”

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2015
Album Papi Gordo

“Carnage” can exact carnage on your audio equipment with insane bass drops, unique trap beats, and speaker-slamming lows.

60. Bugatti – Ace Hood

Genre Rap, Hip Hop, Trap
Year Released 2013
Album Trials & Tribulations

Ace Hood delivers a pioneered experience when this track dropped, including massive bass lines and relentless beat drops in an anthem-style rap tune.

61. Mercy by Kanye West Featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Pusha

Genre R&B, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2012
Album Cruel Summer

“Mercy” has a massive list of accolades and achievements, including being nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song of 2013, Word Music Award for World’s Best Song, MTV Video Music Award, and many more. “Mercy” is an absolute slammer, often being used as a benchmark for newly installed audio equipment due to its strong and wide range of bass lines and beat drops.

62. Look At Me! By XXXTentacion

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2015
Album Look At Me!

This is a fun one, as the song is technically classified as having Lo-Fi undertones with deep trap metal and dense hip-hop vibes. Of course, all of this is jam-packed into a tune with hard beat drops and intense bass lines.

63. Super Trapper by Future

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2017
Album Future

Super beat drops with “Super Trapper,” Future delivers exactly what you’d expect from a speaker-slamming rap track. With subtle bass frequency fluctuations and a constant beat line, this tune is a top-tier speaker slammer.

64. Tunnel Vision by Kodak Black

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2017
Album Painting Pictures

Coming in with the 6x platinum status, “Tunnel Vision” is an absolutely nutty piece of rap art, but for our purposes, the tune is ripe with exciting bass lows, quick beat drops, and methodical melodic vocals.

65. Drank In My Cup by Kirko Bangz

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2012
Album Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa

A classic by today’s standards, “Drank in My Cup” is a wall-shaking piece of musical genius. The entire track is full of fun and energetic beats intertwined with a very wide range of bass frequencies that make any speaker jump and give an eclectic and laid-back but exciting musical vibe.

66. Feel Me by Tyga Featuring Kanye West

Genre Rap, Hip Hop, R&B
Year Released 2016
Album Rawwest Alive

Tyga always goes hard, but this particular piece has insanely hard bass lines and beat drops that are genre-leading and speaker-destroying. Just a few seconds in is all you need to get your dose of speaker-slamming heart-pumping beats.

67. Dior by Pop Smoke

Genre Rap, Hip Hop, Drill
Year Released 2020
Album Meet The Woo 2

“Pop Smoke” is an absolute slammer in the beat and bass department. The vocals and lyrics are artfully crafted and unique in their own right but let’s be honest, the beat drops and bass lines are what make this modern rap song a party staple.

68. A Milli by Lil Wayne

Genre Rap, R&B, Hip Hop
Year Released 2008
Album Tha Carter III

In need of something to utterly destroy your new subwoofers? Perhaps something to get the party bouncing? An absolute slammer to jam within the car? “A Milli” became an absolute legend in the extremely rich bass-infused rap world and has equal clout in the club and bar scene.

69. Love Sosa by Chief Keef

Genre Hip Hop, Drill, Rap
Year Released 2012
Album Finally Rich

2012 was an epic time period for experiencing modern and clean levels of dense and strong bass lines, and “Love Sosa” really dug deep to explore and exemplify that excellence. You won’t get much of a unique story from the lyrics, not that Chief Keef isn’t a talented rapper in his own right, but the primary love for this song originates from its ability to push the audio equipment to its limits and bounce bass off of every surface in the club.

70. Turn Down by Rittz

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2014
Album Next To Nothing (Deluxe Edition)

Rittz introduced “Turn Down” in 2014 during an era of epic speaker-slamming bass lines, and the track did not disappoint even among a sea of options. The sound of his music is unique and refreshing in a time period when a lot of the best bass lines were relegated to the mumble rap genre. Rittz incorporated artful and interesting storytelling via his rap capabilities while the tune absolutely obliterates the bass ranges of subwoofers.

Wrap Up:

That does it for this playlist, but let us know if you there are any songs we should add in the comments below!

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