50 Best Clean Rap Songs (2023 with Music Videos)

Rap music has a reputation for being explicit, which makes many songs in the genre unsuitable for certain audiences. However, there are some great clean rap songs that people of all ages and preferences can enjoy.

Clean Rap Songs

Some of the songs included in this list may be surprising, but the artists have proven that you can make excellent rap music without using expletives or potentially offensive subject matters.

We’ve selected many great songs in the rap genre, including tracks from every era of hip-hop music. We also have the full playlist coved below on Spotify at the bottom of the page.

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1. Miami by Will Smith

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1998
Album Big Willie Style

If you’re looking for rap songs that are suitable for all ages, you can delve into any of Will Smith’s back catalog. The legendary actor began his career with DJ Jazzy Jeff as a rapper. He always kept his music clean, proving that using profanities wasn’t necessary to sell records.

Smith’s album, Big Willie Style, spawned several hit singles, including “Miami,” which, as you probably guessed, is about the unique characteristics of the Florida city. Upon release, the song was a massive hit and claimed all the way to rank 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

2. Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio ft. L.V

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1995
Album Gangsta’s Paradise

In 1995, Coolio went from a relatively unknown rapper to a world-renowned artist almost overnight. The release of the global hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was the biggest-selling US single of the year, etched the late Coolio’s name into rap history.

Interestingly, “Gangsta’s Paradise” is one of the few songs by Coolio that includes no profanities. The story goes that to get the sample cleared by Stevie Wonder, all of the curse words from the song by Coolio, making this arguably the best-known clean rap track of all time.

3. Doo Wop (That Thing) by Lauryn Hill

Genre Hip Hop, R&B
Year Released 1998
Album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is considered to be one of the most influential R&B artists of all time, with her unique blend of conscious lyrics and soulful vocals. Her debut album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, contains mostly clean tracks, which is rare for a commercially successful hip-hop album from the 1990s.

The lead single from the album, “Doo Wop (That Thing) is Hill’s only number-one single on the Billboard Hot 100 to date. The track won many accolades for its thought-provoking lyrics and catchy melody.

4. Can I Kick It? by A Tribe Called Quest

Genre Hip-Hop
Year Released 1990
Album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

In the early days of old-school hip hop, more of the songs that were released contained clean lyrics compared to modern rap. The influential group, A Tribe, Called Quest, released several expletive-free classics that still sound fresh today.

The 1990 single “Can I Kick It?” sampled several classic tracks, most notably Lou Reed’s hit “Walk on the Wild Side. It has been claimed by the members of A Tribe Called Quest that the use of this sample resulted in none of them ever receiving any songwriting royalties from the song.

5. Me Myself And I by De La Soul

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1989
Album 3 Feet High and Rising

In 1989, hip-hop three-piece De La Soul was on the rise. Their debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising, which included the hit single “Me Myself And I,” made waves in the burgeoning rap scene thanks to the group’s catchy hooks, inventive sampling, and often witty lyrics.

This song is notable not only for its eclectic mix of samples and rhythmic rhymes but also because the lyrics are free of any profanities, making it suitable for rap fans of all tastes.

6. It’s Like That by Run-D.M.C

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1983
Album Run-D.M.C.

Run-D.M.C. released “It’s Like That” in 1983 when rap music was in its formative years. The group is credited with helping the genre reach a wider audience, and this excellent track has sold countless millions of copies worldwide.

Although the song became a popular hit in clubs and dance halls around the USA, its clean lyrics are based on serious topics, like the economic struggles facing many young Americans at the time.

7. Now Or Never by Kendrick Lamar

Genre Hip Hop, R&B
Year Released 2012
Album good kid, m.A.A.d city

With its melodic, dreamy sound, Kendrick Lamar’s track “Now or Never” is one of the Compton rapper’s few clean rap songs. Released on his major label debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city, the track features inspiring lyrics about his rise to fame and success.

It features vocals from R&B legend Mary J. Blige, and although it wasn’t released as a single, it’s one of the standout songs from the album showcasing Lamar’s excellent rhyming skills.

8. Keep Ya Head up by Tupac

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1993
Album Greatest Hits

Rapper Tupac Shakur is well known for his aggressive brand of hip-hop music, but songs like “Keep Ya Head Up” show a different side to him. Tupac started out as a poet and was also a talented actor, appearing in a handful of movies before his untimely death at 25, but he rose to fame as the controversial rapper embroiled in a battle between the West and East Coast artists of the early 1990s.

This heartfelt song was dedicated to Tupac’s godson and two other children; therefore, it is one of the only songs he released that exclusively contains clean language. The track samples The Five Stairsteps’ R&B classic, “O-o-h Child,” and its lyrics focus on providing support for females and the next generation.

9. All We Got by Chance the Rapper

Genre Rap, Gospel Rap
Year Released 2016
Album Coloring Book

Chicago’s Chance the Rapper became one of the most promising artists in hip-hop in the early 2010s, releasing several mixtapes that deviated from the trap and dirty rap music that was beginning to dominate the genre. Known for his faith in God, Chance the Rapper often writes songs about being grateful for the things in his life, like the track “All We Got.”

Featuring fellow Chicago icon Kanye West, this song includes a jazzy beat, chaotic percussion, and a blend of horns, strings, and synths.

10. Nothin’ on You by B.O.B ft. Bruno Mars

Genre Pop Rap, R&B
Year Released 2009
Album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

It’s rare for a rapper to enjoy the level of success from their debut single that B.o.B did when he released “Nothin’ on You” in 2009. Featuring Bruno Mars, who at the time was a relatively unknown songwriter and artist, the song reached number one in the United States and the United Kingdom. The music video was also nominated for many awards. A pop rap composition, its lyrics contain only clean language, making it suitable for kids and adults alike.

11. Cupid’s Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2005
Album The Papercut Chronicles and As Cruel as School Children

Gym Class Heroes formed in 1997, but they didn’t begin to achieve mainstream success until they released their 2005 hit single “Cupid’s Chokehold.” The song samples Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America,” and the lyrics describe the infatuation period experienced when entering a new relationship.

12. Down With the Trumpets by Rizzle Kicks

Genre Hip Hop, Pop
Year Released 2011
Album Stereo Typical

After building up a following in their hometown of Brighton, England, rap duo Rizzlekicks enjoyed national success with the release of their debut album, Stereo Typical. The second single to be released from the album was titled “Down with the Trumpets,” and as the name suggests, its beat is centered around the brass instrument. Rizzle Kicks’ music is aimed at a wide audience; therefore, they keep their lyrics clean and their subject matter light-hearted. In my opinion, this is easily one of the best clean rap songs of all time.

13. Old Town Road by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Genre Country Rap
Year Released 2018
Album 7

The genre of country rap has exploded in popularity across the U.S. in recent years, and the most notable mainstream song to come from this merging of styles is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus. After becoming popular on the streaming platform TikTok, the song was released by the label Colombia and is one of the best-selling singles of all time. Its lyrics have no curse words, making it suitable for all audiences.

14. Good Feeling by Flo Rida

Genre Hip Hop, Pop
Year Released 2011
Album Wild Ones

American rapper Flo Rida consistently released hits in the late 2000s and early 2010s, blending his southern rap style with elements of house and other electronic music genres. The track “Good Feeling,” which appeared on his album Wild Ones, samples “Something’s Got a Gold on Me” by iconic singer Etta James. Its upbeat instrumental is matched by clean lyrics that are themed on positivity and celebration.

15. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by DJ Jazzy Jeff ft. Will Smith

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1992
Album Greatest Hits

DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith created many clean hip-hop hits together, but perhaps the most famous track they made was the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The hit comedy TV show followed Smith as he moved from his Philadelphia home to live with his uncle, aunt, and cousins in the affluent neighborhood of Bel-Air. The show established Smith both as an actor and as a rapper.

16. Let You Down by NF

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2017
Album Perception

Nathan Feuerstein, better known by his stage name NF, writes only clean rap music. The exclusion of curse words in his songs hasn’t prevented him from selling millions of records and amassing a huge fanbase both in the U.S. and around the world. The 2017 single, “Let You Down,” is NF’s most popular in terms of sales, and it is about the challenges he faced in his relationship with his father growing up.

17. Hey Mama by Kanye West

Genre Hip Hop
Year Released 2005
Album Late Registration

Kanye West probably isn’t the first artist that springs to mind when you think of clean rap music. Many of his songs are quite explicit, but “Hey Mama,” from his third studio album Late Registration, is a rare exception.

Dedicated to West’s mother and the way that she supported his dreams of becoming a successful artist in the music industry, the song is one of the more emotional compositions from the album. The song also has a lot of bass and unique sounds, making it a great song to test speakers.

18. The Message by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

Genre Old-School Hip Hop
Year Released 1982
Album The Message

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five are considered pioneers of hip-hop. The old-school production styles that were used in the early 80s are on full display in this track, “The Message.”

Much of the rap music released in this era contained clean lyrics, so there would be no issues with it getting into the charts. The song is often cited as being one of the most important tracks in hip-hop history due to its influence on the genre.

19. Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang

Genre Old School Hip-Hop, Disco
Year Released 1979
Album Sugarhill Gang

“Rapper’s Delight” is one of the most iconic hip-hop recordings ever made. It samples “Good Times” by Chic and is credited with inspiring a generation of rappers. With its funky bassline, syncopated groove, and smooth-vocal performances from the members of Sugarhill Gang, this clean rap song still sounds fresh today.

20. Express Yourself by N.W.A

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1989
Album Straight Outta Compton

Compton rap collective N.W.A were controversial, innovative, and iconic. The group, which consisted of Dr. Dre, Dj Yella, Ice Cube, Eazy E, and MC Ren, is credited with popularizing gangsta rap, and hip-hop legends have cited them as influences.

Most NWA songs could not be considered “clean,” but this uplifting track is suitable for a younger audience. It samples the song of the same title by Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band and features lyrics about radio censorship.

21. Walk This Way by Run-D.M.C ft. Aerosmith

Genre Hip Hop, Rock Rap
Year Released 1986
Album Raising Hell

Originally released by American rock legends Aerosmith in 1975, “Walk This Way” was eventually covered by rap group Run-D.M.C in 1986. This version features Aerosmith’s backing track, with chorus vocals provided by Steven Tyler and the verses rapped by Run-D.M.C. Its clean lyrics helped to make this song gain radio airplay and become a commercial success.

22. Check The Rhime by A Tribe Called Quest

Genre Hip Hop
Year Released 1991
Album The Low-End Theory

A Tribe Called Quest constantly experimented with new sounds and pushed the boundaries of hip-hop. One clean track that is a good example of this is the 1991 single “Check the Rhime.” With a sharp verse from Phife Dawg and a catchy hook, this old-school classic is one of the best-known tracks from The Low End Theory.

23. The Search by NF

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2019
Album The Search

If you’re looking for a rapper that has a clean selection of songs suitable for all ages and tastes, NF is a solid choice. His fourth studio album, The Search, includes excellent hip-hop production and meaningful lyrics. The title track from the album is a highlight and has an excellent instrumental to match the fast-paced rap vocals.

24. Hip-Hop by Mos Def

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1999
Album Black On Both Sides

Mos Def is one of the most underrated rappers in history. With his blend of intricate rhyming, expert delivery, and smooth R&B vocal hooks, the artist has produced an impressive body of work. In 1999, his debut album Black On Both Sides, was released to critical acclaim, with the profanity-free “Hip-Hop” being one of the best tracks on the LP.

25. Death Bed (Coffee for your Head) by Powfu ft. Beabadoobee

Genre Lo-fi Hip-Hop
Year Released 2020
Album Poems of the Past

Canadian artist Powfu released his debut single “Death Bed (Coffee for your Head)” in 2020, and it quickly became an internet hit. The song blends emo rap with lo-fi hip-hop and features emotional lyrics that explore the topic of loss, grief, and hope.

26. Take What You Want by Post Malone

Genre Hip Hop, Rock Rap
Year Released 2019
Album Hollywood’s Bleeding

On the 2019 single “Take What You Want,” rapper Post Malone got the chance to team up with one of his idols – Black Sabbath singer Ozzy Osbourne. Also featuring rapper Travis Scott, the song has clean lyrics and blends elements of metal rock with hip-hop. The intro showcases Osbourne’s impressive vocals, and the singer shows no signs of losing his power.

27. Follow God by Kanye West

Genre Christian Hip Hop
Year Released 2019
Album Jesus Is King

The 2019 album Jesus Is King contained no profanities or offensive language, making it Kanye West’s only clean album to date. Mixing elements of gospel with hip-hop, the album includes many notable compositions, including the track “Follow God.” The song reached the top 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was the highest-charting track from the album.

28. Opposite of Adults by Chiddy Bang

Genre Hip Hop, Indie Rock
Year Released 2010
Album The Swelly Express

Featuring a sample of MGMT’s hit single “Kids,” Chiddy Bang’s 2010 track “Opposite of Adults” is a clean rap song that all ages can enjoy. The song includes clever lyrics about not wanting to grow up too fast. It enjoyed success in the UK Singles Charts, reaching number 12.

29. Men In Black by Will Smith

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 1997
Album Big Willie Style

Will Smith has achieved huge success in two industries and has managed to overlap his acting and rapping careers seamlessly. An example of this is the soundtrack to the movie Men In Black, which sold millions of records worldwide after its release in 1997. The catchy instrumental was produced by Poke and Tone and was the first track Smith made without his longtime collaborating producer, DJ Jazzy Jeff.

30. Glory by Jay-Z

Genre Hip-Hop, R&B
Year Released 2012
Album Single Only

Jay-Z hasn’t released too many clean rap songs, with his lyrics often raw and unapologetic. However, the 2012 track “Glory,” which features a cameo from his daughter Blue Ivy and is dedicated to her, is free from any bad language. This song is about the rapper’s amazement at becoming a father.

31. Butterfly Effect by Travis Scott

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2017
Album Astroworld

Travis Scott’s 2017 single “Butterfly Effect” was one of the standout tracks on the hit album Astroworld. It’s also the only clean song on the entire album. Produced by Murda Beatz in collaboration with Felix Leone, the song has a relaxed, melancholy sound that suits the vocals perfectly. The song also has no swear works, making it perfect for school or other occasions with young people around.

32. Guess Who’s Back by Rakim

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1997
Album The 18th Letter

Hip-hop legend Rakim rarely used profanities in his music. “Guess Who’s Back,” from the 1997 album “The 18th Letter,” is an example of the rapper’s excellent ability to pen clever lyrics filled with wordplay and sophisticated rhyming patterns.

33. Going Back to Cali by LL Cool J

Genre Old School Hip Hop
Year Released 1988
Album Walking with a Panther

Rap fans may be more familiar with the hook from “Going Back to Cali” from the Notorious B.I.G’s song, but hip-hop pioneer L.L. Cool J was the first to use it. This song was produced by Rick Rubin, who has been responsible for some of the best-known tracks in rap history, and its lyrics are totally clean.

34. Only One by Kanye West and Paul McCartney

Genre Hip Hop, Soul
Year Released 2014
Album Yeezus

In 2014, The Beatles legend Paul McCartney collaborated with hip-hop icon Kanye West on several songs. “Only One,” which was released on West’s album Yeezus, is a unique-sounding track that blends elements of soul, rock, and hip-hop. The lyrics are about the beauty of being in a relationship and are clean throughout.

35. Magic by B.O.B ft. Rivers Cuomo

Genre Hip Hop
Year Released 2010
Album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray

B.o.B has released numerous clean rap songs, which helps his music to appeal to a wider audience. The 2010 track “Magic” features vocals from the lead singer of the American band Weezer, Rivers Cuomo. The lyrics explore the feeling of having confidence in your ability. This song really does have a lot going on, and the bass is on point, so if you’re looking for some music to test out your bass, this is a great option.

36. Hotline Bling by Drake

Genre Hip Hop, Pop Rap
Year Released 2015
Album Views

“Hotline Bling” was a worldwide hit in 2015, demonstrating Canadian rapper Drake’s ability to blend pop with hip-hop. This song is suitable for music fans of all ages and preferences, thanks to its simple, light-hearted lyrics. The music video spawned a hugely popular internet meme that is still used heavily today.

37. Intergalactic by Beastie Boys

Genre Hip Hop
Year Released 1998
Album Hello Nasty

Rap rock outfit Beastie Boys are viewed as an essential group in the development of hip-hop. They started out as a comedy music act, but after enjoying mainstream success, they began to take their career in hip-hop seriously. In 1998, almost two decades after their formation, the group released “Intergalactic,” which earned them a Grammy Award. The lyrics lack any curse words or potentially offensive language. If you’re looking for clean rap songs for school or other occasions, this is a perfect option. It’s catchy and has a great beat that most people will enjoy.

38. Ghetto Gospel by Tupac ft. Elton John

Genre Rap, Pop
Year Released 2008
Album Loyal to the Game

Despite passing away at such a young age, rapper Tupac Shakur made an incredible amount of music. This has led to several posthumous releases, including Loyal to the Game in 2004. One of the singles from this album was “Ghetto Gospel,” which was produced by Eminem, who reworked Tupac’s clean verses with a new instrumental, then added Elton John’s vocals from the song “Indian Sunset.”

39. Hey Ya by OutKast

Genre R&B, Hip Hop
Year Released 2003
Album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

“Hey Ya!” is an excellent clean rap song by hip-hop and R&B duo Outkast. This catchy number was somewhat of an exception on the Speakerboxxx/The Love Below album, as it contains no language inappropriate for children. It received widespread radio play and quickly became the group’s biggest global hit shortly after its release.

40. Hold On, We’re Going Home by Drake ft. Majid Jordan

Genre R&B, Rap
Year Released 2013
Album Nothing Was the Same

There are many Drake songs that aren’t suitable for all audiences due to the language he often uses, but to the rapper’s credit, he’s also created several clean tracks. In 2014, he teamed up with Majid Jordan, an R&B duo signed to OVO records, which Drake owns. This collaboration resulted in the popular single “Just Hold On, We’re Going Home.” British rock band Arctic Monkeys further boosted the popularity of this song when they covered it in the BBC Live Lounge.

41. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Genre Hip Hop, Pop Rap
Year Released 2015
Album Furious 7: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Fans of the Fast & Furious movie franchise will remember the sadness of actor Paul Walker’s death. Rapper Wiz Khalifa was asked to write a soundtrack for the seventh film, which paid tribute to the late actor, and the resulting track, “See You Again,” became a global hit. This clean rap song has an emotive chorus sung by Charlie Puth and deals with the topic of loss.

42. Day N’ Night by Kid Cudi

Genre Hip Hop, Pop
Year Released 2008
Album Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Kid Cudi’s music often explores themes of loneliness and introspection. His 2008 album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, gained widespread popularity amongst fans of all music genres due to his willingness to blend styles rather than sticking to conventional rap music. “Day N’ Night,” which would later be remixed by dance act Crookers, is a clean track that was largely responsible for Cudi’s early success.

43. Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment

Genre Hip Hop, R&B
Year Released 2015
Album Surf

Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment was a side project by Chance the Rapper’s touring band. The group blended elements of hip hop, R&B, and indie rock, with the 2015 single “Sunday Candy” being one of the best-known tracks from their debut album. As a bonus, the song includes only clean lyrics and is therefore suitable for all ages. The song uses many metaphors and catchy lyrics that make it very enjoyable to listen to.

44. Where is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake

Genre Pop, Hip Hop
Year Released 2003
Album Elephunk

One of the best-selling clean rap songs of all time is The Black Eyed Peas’ single, “Where is The Love.” Featuring Justin Timberlake on the chorus vocals, this conscious hip-hop masterpiece encourages people to live in harmony rather than competing with one another.

45. Kick Push by Lupe Fiasco

Genre Hip Hop, Rap
Year Released 2006
Album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor

Lupe Fiasco has released more clean songs than the vast majority of popular rappers. His clever wordplay, intelligent rhymes, and smooth delivery have made him a favorite amongst fans of conscious hip-hop. The track “Kick Push,” from the album Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor, details the story of a young skater trying to use his hobby to escape the confines of society.

46. Killing Me Softly With His Song by Fugees

Genre R&B, Hip Hop
Year Released 1996
Album The Score

Fugees released their version of “Killing Me Softly With His Song” in 1996, twenty-four years after the original was released by Roberta Flack. The hip-hop group’s version became one of their biggest hits, keeping certain elements of the original but adding their own unique aspects to the song. Lauryn Hill’s smooth vocals are complemented by the bass-heavy beat, and the track reached number one on many charts around the world. I really love the bass in this song, and I think it’s one of the most ideal songs to test bass for a number of reasons.

47. One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean

Genre Hip Hop, Pop Rap
Year Released 2015
Album Dark Sky Paradise

California rapper Big Sean’s third studio album dropped in 2015 and propelled the artist to new heights of popularity. One of the standout tracks from the album is “One Man Can Change the World,” an inspirational composition that is about following your dreams. With features from John Legend and Kanye West, it’s a rare clean rap song from Big Sean’s back catalog.

48. Can’t Forget About You by Nas ft. Chrisette Michele

Genre Hip Hop, Jazz Rap
Year Released 2007
Album Hip Hop Is Dead

Nas is widely regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time. His ability to blend poetry and rap while maintaining such a high quality of work over several decades has made him a legend of the genre. 2007 saw the New York rapper release an album with the somewhat controversial title, Hip Hop is Dead, and on that LP was the clean single “Can’t Forget About You.” This song features smooth chorus vocals from Chrisette Michele and samples “Unforgettable” by Nat King Cole.

49. Superstar by Lupe Fiasco

Genre Hip Hop
Year Released 2007
Album Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool

Another great clean rap track from Lupe Fiasco is the 2007 single “Superstar.” This song details the struggles of finding fame and not being able to live life with privacy. The chorus is sung by Matthew Santos, and the song reached the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart.

50. Dance Wiv Me by Dizzee Rascal

Genre Pop Rap, Indie
Year Released 2008
Album Tongue n’ Cheek

Dylan Mills, better known by his stage name Dizzee Rascal, is one of the pioneers of U.K. rap. Starting off in the grime scene, he eventually teamed up with world-renowned dance music producer Calvin Harris to create hits such as “Holiday” and this song, “Dance Wiv Me.” The song merges rap and pop and is a great option for anyone who wants to avoid bad language.

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