100 Best Songs About Missing Someone You Love (2023 with Videos)

At some point in our lives, we have all lost someone whom we loved, whether this is from a breakup, moving, or death. It’s only natural to miss people once they are gone, even if we know that we are going to see that person again relatively soon. During times like these, music always helps me to center myself again, so I decided to put together a list of songs about missing someone you love.

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Simply scroll through this list and find some songs that resonate with you!

1. Ghost by Justin Bieber

Genre Pop
Year Released 2021
Album Justice

It’s hard to see a relationship end, but it’s even harder when that person suddenly passes away. When this happens, you will never get the chance to make things right again. All you are left with are the memories you have with that person. That’s the kind of pain that Justin Bieber must have been going through in his track “Ghost,” which is from his album “Justice.” In this song, a relationship prematurely ends in the worst way imaginable. One of them dies. Naturally, the one that left alive misses his partner terribly.

2. You Should Be Here By Cole Swindell

Genre Country
Year Released 2016
Album You Should Be Here

Cole Swindell has grown in popularity massively in recent years, and his hit song “You Should Be Here” is a big reason for that. Cole wrote the song after losing his father and realizing that his father would no longer be there for the most important moments and to share his success. Most people who have lost a loved one can certainly resonate with the feelings expressed by Cole in this song. It’s personally one of my favorite country songs, and it even topped the country music Billboard charts.

3. I Miss You by Blink-182

Genre Pop Punk
Year Released 2003
Album Blink-182

Throughout the years, the guys in Blink-182 have earned the reputation of being the clowns of pop punk. However, on their self-titled fifth studio album, they released one of the most serious songs of their career called “I Miss You.” Written by lead vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge and bassist Mark Hoppus, this track was inspired by The Cure’s song “The Love Cats,” and is the age-old story of an introverted guy who is madly in love with a girl, although he is too scared to approach her and talk to her.

4. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Genre Rock
Year Released 1992
Album Rush

As a parent, one of the most horrible feelings you can experience is losing a child, especially if that child was still young when they passed. Sadly, the guitar virtuoso and vocalist Eric Clapton knows this pain all too well as he lost his son due to a tragic fall in 1991. This song, which won three Grammy Awards in 1992, was Clapton’s way of coping with the grief he was going through at the time. Although he still misses his son, writing this song gave him a way to channel his pain.

5. A Long December by Counting Crows

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 1996
Album Recovering the Satellites

Appearing on their second studio album, 1996’s “Recovering the Satellites,” the track “A Long December” quickly became one of the Counting Crows’ most beloved songs, as well as one of their most successful singles. The song was written by lead singer Adam Duritz, who was inspired to write it after hearing that one of his friends had been in an accident. He also said that while he misses his friend, it’s also about looking back at the past and seeing how much things have changed while simultaneously looking forward to future changes.

6. Miss You by Ed Sheeran

Genre Indie Pop, Alternative
Year Released 2015
Album Unreleased

Sometimes an artist will intentionally leave a song off of an album and only perform it live once or twice. Thanks to modern technology and social media, the song can gain traction without ever being officially released. That’s what happened with Ed Sheeran’s previously unreleased song “Miss You,” which is a song about a girl who cheated on a guy plenty of times and has come to regret her infidelity. She repeatedly tells her ex that she misses him, and although he misses her as well, he does not want her back.

7. Thinking About You by Arianna Grande

Genre Pop
Year Released 2016
Album Dangerous Woman

You hear about this all the time. A couple splits up, and as time passes. They start to miss each other and wonder if they can make things work again. If this sounds familiar to you, then you already know what the song “Thinking About You” from Ariana Grande is about. Included in her 2016 release “Dangerous Woman,” a couple may have prematurely parted ways. After some time has passed and things have cooled down, one of them realizes how much they missed the other and wants to get back together with them.

8. Always by Bon Jovi

Genre Hair Metal
Year Released 1994
Album Cross Road

Jon Bon Jovi has made a career of writing sappy love songs that will either make you swoon or cry. Appearing on his 1994 album “Cross Road,” the song “Always” is just another chapter in this story. This time, our hero has been broken up with, and he’s trying to win her back. He does this by telling her how much he misses her and by recalling some of the memories the two of them have together. Although it’s not clear if he wins her back, he certainly gives it his best shot.

9. So Far Away by Avenged Sevenfold

Genre Metal
Year Released 2010
Album Nightmare

There are several interpretations of “So Far Away.” This song can be applied to situations where someone has passed away; has moved; is emotionally detached, or has passed away. No matter which interpretation you choose to apply, the bottom line is that the sixth track from Avenged Sevenfold’s album” Nightmare “is about how painful it is to miss someone M. Shadows share a special bond and have made memories with. He will never get the chance to say what he needs to say, which will end up costing him the closure he deserves.

10. I Remember You by Skid Row

Genre Hair Metal
Year Released 1989
Album Skid Row

There’s no love quite like young love. These are the romances that live in your memory long after you’re old and gray. That’s the message conveyed in Skid Row’s single “I Remember You” from their self-titled debut album. Former lead vocalist Sebastian Bach has a set of pipes that could shatter glass, and you feel his pain as he reminisces about his lost love. Written by bassist Rachel Bolan and guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo, the track reached number six on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1989 and remains a mainstay on rock radio today. If you like this song, you’ll love our playlist of songs about young love.

11. Ocean Front Property by George Strait

Genre Country
Year Released 1987
Album Ocean Front Property

Country music legend George Strait took the title of this song from a response the old-timers used to give when they didn’t believe what somebody was telling them. This is because, as most of you are already aware, there are no oceans anywhere near Arizona. The title track from his 1987 album “Ocean Front Property” starts with George telling an ex he doesn’t think about her, nor does he miss her. As you may have guessed, he admits to lying by saying, “If you believe this, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona.”

12. I Want You Back by The Jackson 5

Genre Motown, Pop
Year Released 1969
Album I Want You Back

Michael Jackson has been in the music industry for so long that he was writing songs about breakups before he was old enough to date anybody. The King of Pop got his start by being the lead singer for the musical group The Jackson 5, which was composed of Michael and his four brothers. Written by Berry Gordy and several others from Motown Records, “I Want You Back” became the Jackson 5’s first hit. It was released in 1969, shortly after Michael’s 11th birthday, and is about missing someone and wanting them back.

13. The Message by Dr. Dre (Featuring Mary J. Blige)

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1999
Album The Chronic 2001

Growing up on the streets of Compton, Dr. Dre has witnessed plenty of bloodshed and experienced the pain of losing friends and loved ones throughout his life. In “The Chronic 2001,” he did what most artists do when they are missing someone they loved. He wrote a song about it. Featuring a guest spot from the incomparable Mary J. Blige, his track “The Message” is about the tragic loss of his brother Tyree and leaves us with the lyrics “I’m tryin’ to tell you somethin’ good. Don’t get caught up in the hood.”

14. These Days by Rascal Flatts

Genre Country
Year Released 2002
Album Mesh

In the song “These Days,” Rascal Flatts singer Gary LeVox’s life includes waking up crying over his ex, going to work, and then going directly home after to make sure that his former love interest hasn’t called. At night, he cries himself to sleep. He misses her so badly that on the hit single from their second album, “Mesh,” he envisions running into her around town and even imagines how he would answer if she asks what he’s been up to these days. However, she’s already started a new life in Las Vegas.

15. No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) by Queen

Genre Classics Rock
Year Released 1998
Album Queen Ballads

Queen’s charismatic frontman and phenomenal lead singer Freddie Mercury was known around rock music as one of the nicest and most caring people you could ever meet. When he died in 1991, the world mourned the loss of this wonderful man. Perhaps the best way the surviving members of the band could pay tribute to him can be heard on the track “No One But You (Only The Good Die Young).” On this track, bassist John Deacon and guitarist Brian May split vocal duties on this song is about missing their dear friend.

16. ‘Til We Die by Slipknot

Genre Nu Metal
Year Released 2008
Album All Hope Is Gone

The members of the band Slipknot are no strangers to losing founding members, although bassist Paul Gray’s death shortly after the release of their fourth album, “All Hope Is Gone,” came as a shock to all of them. They paid tribute to their friend the only way they could. They gathered the instruments, headed into the studio, and recorded the track “‘Til We Die” as a way to pay tribute to their fallen bandmate. Vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn Crahan have both given numerous interviews where they discuss how much they miss Paul.

17. Here Without You by 3 Doors Down

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 2002
Album The Better Life

There are times when couples separate because they don’t want to be together anymore, and there are times when circumstances beyond their control dictate that they must be apart. When our military personnel is deployed, we don’t always think about the families they are forced to leave behind, sometimes at a moment’s notice. Being avid supporters of the military, the Mississippi alternative rock band 3 Doors Down wrote this song out of respect for our military and as a tribute to the family members they leave behind when they are called to duty.

18. Girl From a Pawn Shop by The Black Crowes

Genre Blues Rock
Year Released 1996
Album Three Snakes and One Charm

Hailing from Atlanta, the blues rock band The Black Crowes have endured plenty of pain in their lives. “Girl From a Pawn Shop” is an example of how they used these experiences to write some of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded. Found on the band’s fourth record, “Three Snakes and One Charm,” this song follows a woman who is still healing from a recent breakup. She misses her ex so much that she carries the” Dear John” letter he wrote her around in her bag, occasionally reading his final words to her.

19. I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself by The White Stripes

Genre Indie, Garage Rock
Year Released 2003
Album Elephant

Jack and Meg White were more than just bandmates in the indie garage rock band The White Stripes. For a brief time, they were all so husband and wife. On their 2003 album “Elephant,” the duo decided to cover a song originally recorded by Tommy Hunt and later recorded by Dusty Springfield, called “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself,” which is about a couple who planned to do everything together but then broke up. Now, one of them is all alone, and he has no idea what to do with himself.

20. Yesterday by The Beatles

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1965
Album Help!

Many people consider this track from the Fab Four’s 1965 release “Help!” to be one of the greatest songs in their entire catalog because of its simple melody and poetic lyrics. Written by Paul McCartney, the first single released from this album sees McCartney waxing poetically about how much simpler life was when he was younger, before the heartache he experienced at the hands of his ex-lover. He misses the life they had together. Over fifty years after its release, this song remains as popular as ever, having been covered over 2,000 times.

21. Miss You Like Crazy by Natalie Cole

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 1989
Album Good To Be Back

Being the daughter of the legendary Nat King Cole means that Natalie Cole has probably had music in her blood since the day she was born. The song “Miss You Like Crazy” was included on Natalie’s 11 studio album, which was 1989’s “Good To Be Back,” and was a very successful single for Cole. This song is about a couple who have been broken up for a long time. Despite this, she is still very much in love with him. She misses him like crazy and will probably never get over him. If you’re looking for missing songs about someone, then this is definitely one you’ll want to add to your playlist.

22. I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy (Featuring Faith Evans)

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1997
Album No Way Out

Sean Combs is a successful rapper, producer, and businessman. Known by several stage names throughout his career, Combs founded Bad Boy Entertainment. One of his earliest signings was a young rapper named Christopher Wallace, who went by the rap moniker Notorious B.IG. in 1997, the Brooklyn musician was shot leaving a party and tragically passed away shortly after. Not only was he signed to Combs’ label, but Wallace was also his best friend. Sampling The Police’s hit single “Every Breath You Take,” Combs recorded this track which featured Wallace’s widow, Faith Evans.

23. Missing You by John Waite

Genre Pop
Year Released 1984
Album No Brakes

Although his music career began as the lead singer and bassist for the British rock band The Babys, John Waite’s biggest hit came during his solo career with “Missing You.” The 1984 Grammy nominee for Best Male Vocal Pop Performance is about a couple who have gone their separate ways, although it’s never specified how they arrived at this decision. Still madly in love with his ex, Waite says that he still thinks about her now and then, trying to convince himself that he doesn’t miss her. Something tells me that he does.

24. Hollow by Pantera

Genre Groove Metal
Year Released 1992
Album Vulgar Display of Power

Texas-based groove metal legends Pantera were making albums long before they appeared on the national scene. The band’s second major-label release helped cement their status as contenders for the metal crown, thanks in part to an opening spot on Skid Row’s 1992 North American tour. “Vulgar Display of Power” closes out with the track “Hollow,” which is about losing a friend either to drug addiction or mental illness. Unfortunately, the song does not give any details as to what happened to this person, but we know that he was a close friend.

25. What She’s Doing Now by Garth Brooks

Genre Country
Year Released 1991
Album No Fences

When you miss someone you love, nothing can be more cathartic than singing along with a sad country song. Perhaps it’s because people in this genre have experienced more heartache and pain than the majority of us significantly, but the sincerity and honesty in the lyrics and vocal delivery of these songs make them incredibly relatable. Garth Brooks was able to expertly convey the desperation and loneliness he was feeling in “What She’s Doing Now” from his album “Ropin’ the Wind.” It’s about missing someone and wondering what their life is currently like.

26. If You Only Knew by Shinedown

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 2007
Album The Sound Of Madness

The sixth track from Shinedown’s third studio album, “The Sound Of Madness,” is Brent Smith’s account of the pain he suffers from not being able to see or spend time with his only child. According to Shinedown drummer Barry Kerch, lead singer Brent Smith’s ex-fiance has a reputation for being quite vindictive and doing whatever she can to hurt the vocalist, including keeping him away from his son and withholding letters that he wrote to him. This song was Brent’s way of channeling the pain he felt from missing his son, instead turning it into something positive.

27. The Truth by Jason Aldean

Genre Country
Year Released 2009
Album Wide Open

Jason Dean is not only one of the most successful acts in country music today, but he is also one of the most successful country music artists of all time. “The Truth,” which is from his third studio album “Wide Open,” is an example of Aldean at his best. The song is about a guy who doesn’t want any of his friends to know that he hasn’t been able to move on after his relationship ended, so he does the only reasonable thing he can do. He asks his ex to lie for him.

28. I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 1998
Album Armageddon – Original Soundtrack

Because it was featured in the blockbuster movie “Armageddon,” Aerosmith’s track “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” was the unofficial love song of 1998 and also earned the Boston-based band its first (and only) Billboard Top 40 number one hit. This single is not about missing someone. It’s about being in love with someone so much that you miss them every time you are away from them. Lead vocalist Steven Tyler is so smitten with this woman that he doesn’t want to go to sleep for fear of missing out on spending time with her.

29. Faithfully by Journey

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1983
Album Frontiers

Journey knows something about the struggles of being on worldwide tours and trying to keep the flame going in a relationship while being away from home most of the year. Keyboard player Jonathan Cain wrote the lyrics to the song “Faithfully,” which was the second single from 1983’s hugely successful album “Frontiers,” as an ode to his wife. Cain was trying to find a way to express how much he missed her while he was on the road. Steve Perry’s vocals helped the track become the biggest hit of Journey’s amazing career.

30. Miss You Much by Janet Jackson

Genre Pop
Year Released 1989
Album Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814

Janet Jackson has always been an artist who was unafraid to buck tradition and fly directly into the face of convention. During a time when other artists were releasing songs that were slow and sad, Janet Jackson released a track about missing someone that made people want to get up and dance with “Miss You Much” from “Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814.” Though Max has caused her a significant amount of heartache, Jackson will tell anyone within listening distance how much she still misses him. That’s one way to try to get him back.

31. The Bed’s Too Big Without You by The Police

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1979
Album Reggatta de Blanc

At one point during the early to mid-1980s, The Police were the biggest rock band in the world because the English trio was amazing songwriters and masters of their instruments. However, before they were dominating the charts with their masterpiece “Synchronicity,” they were laying down a solid foundation with releases such as 1979’s classic album “Reggatta de Blanc.” The eighth track on that album, titled “The Bed’s Too Big Without You,” is about the loneliness that you feel after a breakup, especially after you’ve had some time to reflect on the relationship.

32. When I Was Older by Billie Eilish

Genre Pop, Indie
Year Released 2019
Album Music Inspired by the Film Roma

Besides releasing albums and EPs consisting solely of her own music, Billie Eilish has also contributed to the soundtracks of both television shows and movies. In 2019, she was asked to write a song for the film “Roma.” Thus, the track “When I Was Older” was born. This song can be interpreted as what you might see if you had the chance to go back and hold a conversation with a younger version of yourself. One of the things you might tell yourself is how much you’ll miss your childhood when you get older.

33. Headlights by Eminem

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2013
Album The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Detroit rapper Eminem did everything in his power to destroy whatever was left of the relationship he had with his mother when he released the single “Cleaning Out My Closet.” However, the song “Headlights” was his attempt at letting her know he missed her and would like to have her back in his life. Even more than that, this single from “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” is his way of saying that his children have missed out on having a grandmother their whole lives. This song was a step in the right direction.

34. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s

Genre Indie, Alternative Pop
Year Released 2005
Album All That We Needed

We’ve all had relationships in our respective lives that, for some reason or another, just didn’t work out. Sometimes, people just grow apart. Nobody is to blame for this; it just happens. That doesn’t mean that there’s no chance for things to work in the future. It just means that they didn’t work at that moment. That’s the sentiment the Plain White T’s express in their song “Hey There Delilah,” which is on their second album, “All That We Needed.” The couple in the song has grown apart, but they miss each other.

35. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

Genre Country
Year Released 2009
Album Need You Now

There’s no time like being drunk in the middle of the night to decide that you miss your ex. Most sane people would at least wait until morning to call them, but not Hillary Scott, the lead singer for Lady Antebellum. In the 2009 multiple Grammy Award-winning song “Need You Now,” the vocalist gets drunk and decides to give her ex a call after looking at pictures of the two of them together just to see if she ever crosses his mind, although she promised herself that she wouldn’t. Looks like she’s got it bad.

36. D’yer Mak’er by Led Zeppelin

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1973
Album Houses of the Holy

“D’yer Mak’er” has the honor of having one of the most mispronounced song titles in music history, but it is also one of the standout tracks on Led Zeppelin’s phenomenal classic “Houses of the Holy.” On this track, Robert Plant’s incredible vocals are laid over a reggae-inspired beat that is one of the most unique songs in the band’s entire catalog. The song is about a girl who broke up with a guy by writing him a letter, although he misses her and professes how much he still loves her throughout the song.

37. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1975
Album Wish You Were Here

If you listen to Pink Floyd’s back catalog, you will hear how significantly the band changed their sound after the album “Saucerful of Secrets,” their last record with original lead vocalist Syd Barrett. David Gilmour took over vocal duties after Barrett was ousted from the band because of his frequent use of psychedelic drugs and his erratic behavior, which was brought on by his mental illness. The band didn’t want to fire Syd but felt like he left them no choice. The title track from “Wish You Were Here” was dedicated to Barrett.

38. Miss You by The Rolling Stones

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1978
Album Some Girls

In 1978, The Rolling Stones released one of the most successful albums of their career on the strength of the standout single “Beast of Burden” and the lead track “Miss You.” The latter is a song about a man who is tired of being without his partner. His friends try in vain to set him up with other girls, but he’s not interested. Co-written by singer Mick Jagger and guitar player Keith Richards, the lyrics open the song with “I’ve been holding out so long. I’ve been ‘ all alone. Lord, I miss you.”

39. Come Back… Be Here by Taylor Swift

Genre Pop, Country
Year Released 2012
Album Red

Well, here we are, ladies and gentlemen. We have officially arrived at the part of our list where we are contractually obligated to list a song about a bad relationship written by the one and only Taylor Swift. It honestly feels like I can make an entire list composed of nothing but Taylor Swift songs about bad relationships. “Come Back… Be Here” is the latest iteration and is about somebody who promised themselves that they would not ball for another guy. Unfortunately, they were not successful in that endeavor. Now, she wants him back.

40. Missing You by Diana Ross

Genre R&B, Motown
Year Released 1984
Album Swept Away

Before there were any of the Divas you see and modern music, there was Diana Ross, the original diva. She made a name for herself by being the lead singer of the group The Supremes, who were Motown records top-selling recording artists of the 1960s. However, Ms. Ross decided to venture out on her own and become a solo act in the early 1970s. In 1984, she released her album “Swept Away,” which included the hit single “Missing You,” which is a song about someone who doesn’t understand why her relationship ended.

41. A Picture Of Me (Without You) by George Jones

Genre Country
Year Released 1972
Album A Picture of Me (Without You)

George Jones is considered to be country music royalty and the King of the Troubadours and has earned the reputation of being country music’s greatest interpreter of Heartache. In 1972, he released his second solo album, “A Picture of Me (Without You),” originally featuring the lead title track, which was later included on several of The Possum’s greatest hits compilations. The song follows a theme that is prevalent in many of Jones’s recordings, which is experiencing a heart-wrenching breakup and longing to have that person back because you miss them so much.

42. Missing by Everything But The Girl

Genre Pop, Dance, Electronica
Year Released 1994
Album Amplified Heart

There’s a fine line between missing someone and obsessing over them. It seems like that line becomes fairly blurred in the group Everything But The Girl’s infectiously catchy electronic pop track “Missing.” Included on their album “Amplified Heart,” this song was a fairly big hit for the group in 1994 and is about missing someone to the point where you begin to stalk them. The other person has moved on with their life, but you can’t say the same for yourself. In your mind, there’s still hope for things to work out.

43. Talking To The Moon by Bruno Mars

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 2010
Album Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Bruno Mars was at the height of his popularity in 2010 with the release of “Doo-Wops & Hooligans.” The seventh track on that album, “Talking to the Moon,” is a song about a failed long-distance relationship. In this song, a guy is looking up into the night sky and saying all of the things that he would like to say to his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately, she cannot hear a thing he’s saying. It’s just a conversation between him and the moon. In an interview, Bruno said that this is his favorite track on the album.

44. I Miss You by Beyoncé

Genre R&B, Pop, Soul
Year Released 2011
Album 4

After a really bad breakup, have you ever wanted to hate that other person so much but just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? I’m sure we’ve all been there before. You want to vilify them in your mind just to stop missing them so much. That’s what Beyoncé’s trying to do in her song “I Miss You” from her album “4.” She was hoping that the pain of missing this person would go away after time, but it hasn’t gotten better. Wanting to get back together with this person consumes her thoughts.

45. Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’Connor

Genre Pop
Year Released 1990
Album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got

Originally written by the musical genius Prince, “Nothing Compares 2 U” became a massive radio hit in 1990 when it was recorded by a relatively unknown Irish singer named Sinead O’Connor. Her sweet, angelic voice was the perfect vehicle to carry The melancholy lyrics of this song, which is about missing someone so much that you have a running count of how long it’s been since the two of you parted ways. No matter who she sees or what she does, nothing will ever compare to the love she got from him.

46. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 1971
Album Ain’t No Sunshine

Have you ever loved someone so much that when things inevitably fell apart, you felt hopeless, and your days were filled with despair because the two of you may never be together again? If you can answer yes to this question, then you know exactly where Bill Withers was coming from in 1971 when he wrote the R&B and Soul classic “Ain’t No Sunshine.” This song is the sad story of a guy who has been unceremoniously dumped by his girlfriend, although he is still in love with her and misses her.

47. I Miss You by Incubus

Genre Alternative Metal, Funk Metal
Year Released 1999
Album Make Yourself

The band Incubus made a splash on the alternative rock scene by blending funk, rap, and rock and coming up with a unique sound that was all their own. They got their big break with the release of the hit single “Pardon Me” from their 1999 album” Make Yourself.” What most people don’t realize is that this album had plenty of hidden gems, like its eleventh track,” I Miss You.” As the title suggests, this song is about missing someone. However, in this instance, those feelings are reciprocated by the other person.

48. So Far Away by Dire Straits

Genre Classic Rock
Year Released 1985
Album Brothers In Arms

Although Dire Straits has been around since the 1970s, most people hadn’t heard of them until they released their hugely successful single “Money for Nothing,” which is from their album “Brothers in Arms.” Another single that did well from that album is the opening track, “So Far Away,” which is about a couple who went through a breakup because one of them moved away. Being left behind is a lonely feeling because while the other person can move on, you are left there with the memories of a life you once had.

49. Missing You by Steve Perry

Genre Rock
Year Released 1994
Album For the Love of Strange Medicine

While he is primarily known for being the former lead singer of The rock band Journey, Steve Perry has built a successful solo career for himself as well. Like all of the other songs on this list, this song is about missing someone after a relationship has ended. However, where it differs is that the person telling the story admits that the breakup was his fault and is asking for another chance to make things right in the relationship. He knows that he messed up, and now he’s asking her to come back.

50. Black by Pearl Jam

Genre Grunge
Year Released 1991
Album Ten

In 1991, grunge music was all the rage, and record labels were all clamoring to sign the next big thing. In stepped Pearl Jam. The album “Ten” became one of the most successful debuts of all time on the strength of several massive singles, one of which was the song “Black.” What I love most about this song is Eddie Vedder’s ability to write amazing lyrics. They were certainly prevalent in this song, which is about a woman Vedder is completely smitten with. You can’t get on with his life because he misses her.

51. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) by Cinderella

Genre Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Year Released 1989
Album Long Cold Winter

Although the Pennsylvania-based blues rock band Cinderella experienced massive success with the release of their album “Night Songs” and the ballad “Nobody’s Fool,” most fans and critics agree that their follow-up album “Long Cold Winter” was their best release. Released in July of 1988 on Mercury Records, this album featured one of the most successful singles of the band’s career. Featuring lead singer Tom Keifer’s soulful, pained vocals, “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” is about not realizing how much somebody means to you until they are no longer in your life.

52. Reminds Me of You by Van Morrison

Genre Soft Rock
Year Released 1999
Album Back On Top

Whether you lose someone to an illness or a tragedy, they are going to live on in your memories for the rest of your life. For a long time, everything that you see or do is going to remind you of that person. This will eventually get better once you get used to not being with them every day, although some part of you will always miss them. That must have been what Van Morrison was going through when he wrote the song “Reminds Me of You” from his album “Back On Top.”

53. She’s Gone by Hall & Oates

Genre Pop, R&B, Soul
Year Released 1973
Album Abandoned Luncheonette

Daryl Hall and John Oates, who formed the pop rock duo Hall & Oates, were on top of the world in the 1970s and the 1980s with a string of successful albums and hit singles. Most of their songs were about either being in love or the heartache you experience after falling out of love, including the single “She’s Gone,” which is from their album “Abandoned Luncheonette.” This track is about learning to move on after a bad breakup, even if you still miss that person. The first step is realizing she’s gone.

54. See You Again by Wiz Khalifa (Featuring Charlie Puth)

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 2012
Album Code Orange

In 2012, contemporary R&B artist Frank Ocean released his debut album “Channel Orange,” which was nominated for a Grammy Award for Record of the Year and included the track “Thinkin Bout You.” In a little more than three minutes, Ocean describes his previous relationship and how much he was in love with that person. For one reason or another, the relationship did not work out, no matter how badly Frank wanted it to. Now, he wants that person back, and he’s telling them how much he misses them and wants them back.

56. I Need My Girl by The National

Genre Alternative Rock, Indie
Year Released 2013
Album Trouble Will Find Me

Although the alternative indie group The National isn’t well-known in the music industry, they should be because of songs like “I Need My Girl,” which is about a guy who’s been dumped and he wants to be with his ex again, but he can’t. This song is the tenth track from their album “Trouble Will Find Me,” which was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. The album was met with high praise from critics, and the song was embraced by both critics and fans of the band.

57. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script

Genre Pop Rock
Year Released 2008
Album The Script

“The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” is not about someone void of emotions. Rather, it’s meant to be taken literally. The fourth track from the alternative indie group The Script’s debut self-titled album is about a guy who returns to where he first met the love of his life. He refuses to move from there until she returns. No matter who tries to persuade him to move, he will not leave because he thinks that one day his ex will realize how much she misses him and come looking for him.

58. What I Wouldn’t Give by Blake Shelton

Genre Country
Year Released 2007
Album Pure BS

Have you ever made a mistake in a relationship that you wish you could take back? Have you ever wanted a second chance to make things right? If you are anything like the majority of us, you have. Sadly, so has country music superstar Blake Shelton. In his song “What I Wouldn’t Give,” Shelton admits that his wrongdoings are the reason that his relationship has ended, although he doesn’t want to face the old, hard truth. Although he misses her, he knows that there’s no chance that she will come back to him.

59. Think About You by Guns N’ Roses

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 1987
Album Appetite for Destruction

Los Angeles hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses were catapulted into stardom with the release of their first album, the 1987 classic masterpiece “Appetite for Destruction.” Although the album didn’t initially gain much traction, in many people’s options, this is still the best debut album ever recorded in any genre. The eighth track on the record is “Think About You,” and it is a fast-paced burner that finds Axl singing about someone whom he loved dearly. Nevertheless, the two lovers are no longer together, although he misses her far too much to move on.

60. Skeleton of Splendor by Mastodon

Genre Progressive Metal
Year Released 2021
Album Hushed and Grim

Mastodon’s latest album “Hushed and Grim” was dedicated to the memory of their late manager Nick John, who passed away after succumbing to his fight with cancer. While any song from the double album could have been chosen for this list, I chose “Skeleton of Splendor” because it spoke glowingly of Nick, which can be heard in the lyrics, “You painted us with effort, always praising us high. The day has come to face the storm as lightning strikes me in two,” which are masterfully sung by bassist Troy Sanders and drummer Brann Dailor. This is one of those songs about missing someone who died that I recommend to anyone.

61. Yellow by Coldplay

Genre Alternative Pop
Year Released 2000
Album Parachutes

When the English alternative rock group Coldplay recorded this song, they were incredibly vague about its meaning, which became a breakout hit for the band. Originally released in the summer of 2000 on the band’s debut album “Parachutes,” this track can be interpreted in two ways. It can either be about loving someone so much that you see them in everything, or it can be about looking up at the sky and realizing how much you miss someone who is no longer in your life. I choose to believe that it’s about the latter.

62. Changes by Black Sabbath

Genre Hard Rock, Metal
Year Released 1972
Album Vol. 4

Known throughout the entire genre, “The Godfathers of Metal,” the English metal pioneer Black Sabbath may not be the first band that comes to mind when thinking about ballads about missing a loved one. However, the first track is from their fourth record, “Vol. 4,” is a slow, piano-driven ballad (written by guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler) that has lead vocalist Ozzy Osbourne pining over lost love and declaring how much he misses her. Though the song was initially criticized, it has since become one of their most beloved songs.

63. The Last Goodbye by Black Label Society

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 2006
Album Shot to Hell

Ozzy Osbourne, guitar player, and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde is an incredibly gifted musician. In addition to being one of the best guitar players on the planet as well as an accomplished piano player, he also has some amazing vocal chops and seriously good songwriting abilities. These talents are featured in Black Label Society’s powerful ballad “The Last Goodbye.” On this tracker from the 2006 album “Shot To Hell,” Zakk relives the memories he’s had with someone he loved. He misses her and would love the chance to get back together.

64. Every Light in the House by Trace Adkins

Genre Country
Year Released 1996
Album Dreamin’ Out Loud

When a relationship ends, you always try to hold out hope that the person will come back someday, especially if the breakup wasn’t particularly bad. While we have all heard the expression, “I’ll leave a light on for you” at some point, Trace Adkins takes this in the literal sense on the track “Every Light in the House” from his 1996 album “Dreamin’ Out Loud.” The third track on the album is a three-minute promise that Adkins makes to his ex after the two have broken up and she has left the home.

65. From Time by Drake (Featuring Jhené Aiko and Akon)

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 2013
Album Nothing Was the Same

Canadian rap and hip hop artist Drake changed up his style on the track” From Time,” which is a slow burner of an R&B song that directly contrasts his usual hip hop sound on his third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same.” Released as a single in 2013, “From Time” was a moderate success, although it was universally praised by music critics everywhere for its sophisticated, honest message, which is about loving yourself enough to know what love is. He misses his friend and lover and knows he wants her back.

66. Gone Away by The Offspring

Genre Punk
Year Released 1997
Album Ixnay on the Hombre

“Gone Away” has the distinction of being one of the few serious songs that Dexter Holland has written in his long, storied career with the California punk outfit, The Offspring. Originally featured on their fourth studio album, “Ixnay on the Hombre,” the band has since recorded an alternate, piano-based and softer version of this song. However, as is the case with most songs, I prefer the original version, which is about the pain you feel when someone you love passes away and the soul-crushing realization that you will never see that person again.

67. Interstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots

Genre Alternative Rock, Grunge
Year Released 1994
Album Plush

There are songs whose meaning I wasn’t fully able to comprehend until years after I initially heard them. One example is the Stone Temple Pilots’ track “Interstate Love Song,” which is found on the album “Purple.” I thought it was about someone who was running away from his relationship. It wasn’t until years after I heard it that I learned that the song was about Scott Weiland’s heroin addiction and was told from the perspective of his ex-girlfriend, who said she missed the person he used to be before the drugs took over.

68. Real Friends by Camila Cabello

Genre Soul, Pop
Year Released 2018
Album Camila

The people who you think are your friends may not be the best people to have in your life. They may not know what a true friend is. Pop and soul artist Camila Cabello is looking for a few “Real Friends” in the appropriately-named song from her album “Camila.” Instead of going out for a night on the town with people whom she knows aren’t her real friends, she chooses to stay in and look for a few people she can trust. She says, “The place I’m living in just doesn’t feel like home.”

69. Paint Me a Birmingham Tracy Lawrence

Genre Country
Year Released 2004
Album Strong

On the album “Strong,” Tracy Lawrence sings about the pain that comes with missing someone and wanting things to go back to the way they used to be in “Paint Me a Birmingham.” The fourth track from his 2004 release finds the narrator talking to someone who paints pictures for a living. He asks the man if he can paint a picture of his home in Birmingham, Alabama. He gives the man all the details he wants and then makes a special request, asking him to paint a woman back into the picture.

70. Tha Crossroads by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Genre Rap, Hip Hop
Year Released 1995
Album E. 1999 Eternal

There’s something about the finality of death that makes it so hard to accept and fully comprehend. When we lose somebody we love, it may take years of grieving before we accept that we will never see them again, although we will always miss them. The rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony must have been experiencing something similar to this when they wrote “Tha Crossroads,” which is a song that honors and pays respect to their idol, former NWA rapper and Compton legend Eric “Eazy-E” Wright, who died due to complications from AIDS in 1995.

71. I Miss You More by David Bowie

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 2016
Album Previously Unreleased

“I Miss You More” is a previously-unreleased track that surfaced after David Bowie passed away in 2016 from liver cancer, although the Thin White Duke has performed this song live a few times. The song was written by an anonymous person from Holland, who won a contest in which David Bowie asked his fans to write a song that he would record. It is a slow, acoustic track accompanied by an electric piano where Bowie sings about how much he misses the love of his life and how he will always love her.

72. I Fall To Pieces by Patsy Cline

Genre Country
Year Released 1961
Album Patsy Cline Showcase

If the title Queen of Country Music existed, it would be presented to none other than the legendary Patsy Cline, although the singer perished in a plane crash at the young age of 30 years old. “I Fall To Pieces” still remains one of her most popular songs and one of country music’s most treasured tunes 60 years after her death. The song is about a couple who have split up, much to her despair. Each time she sees her ex out in public, she realizes how much she still misses him.

73. I Miss You by Klymaxx

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 1984
Album Meeting in the Ladies Room

In 1984, the all-female R&B group Klymaxx released their hit album “Meeting in the Ladies Room,” which featured the single “I Miss You.” Before the release of this album, the group had been relatively unknown outside of R&B and Soul. However, they were able to reach number 18 on the Billboard Top 100 and number 9 on the R&B charts, and it became a certified platinum-selling record. The meaning of this song is self-explanatory. It’s about a couple who is broken up, and one of them wants to get back together. If you are looking for songs about getting back together because you miss someone who you used to be in love with, you’ll most likely resonate with this song.

74. Guess I’ll Always Love You by The Isley Brothers

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 1966
Album This Old Heart of Mine

People sometimes have opposing opinions on the standing of their relationship. One person may think that things are going well, while the other person may disagree and want something new. The Isley Brothers were talking about this situation in the song “Guess I’ll Always Love You” from their record “This Old Heart of Mine.” We know exactly what they mean when they sing the lyrics, “When you left, you left with me, a dream no longer reality. I live in the shadows of our past with this love that’s born to last.”

75. Still Loving You by The Scorpions

Genre Hard Rock, Metal
Year Released 1984
Album Love at First Sting

The German metal act The Scorpions have written several power ballads in their long and illustrious career, but none of them are nearly as beloved as their song “Still Loving You.” Appearing on the band’s 1984 classic album “Love at First Sting,” Scorpions guitarist Rudolf Schenker has stated that the song took over six years to complete. The once-lead vocalist Klaus Meine added the lyrics, which are about a couple who miss each other and want to give their love another shot. The band knew that they had something special on their hands.

76. Someone Like You by Adele

Genre R&B, Soul, Pop
Year Released 2011
Album 21

Losing someone you love in a relationship that has gone bad is one of the most devastating ways that you can say goodbye to someone. What hurts even more is if you see them settle down and be happy with another person. Part of you wants to wish for the best for them, while a small part of you is angry and upset that they could not find happiness with you but managed to find it with another person. If this sounds like something you felt before, then you can relate to the message in Adele’s Grammy Award-winning song “Someone Like You.”

77. Who Knew by Pink

Genre Pop
Year Released 2006
Album I’m Not Dead

The one thing that I have always liked about Pink is that she puts her complete self into everything she does. When she sings about being happy, she is ecstatic. However, when she sings about being sad, she can be as depressing as they come, and few things in life are more depressing than losing a loved one to drugs. According to an interview with London’s Daily Mail, this track was written about that exact topic. The singer says that when she was 14 years old, she found a male friend (not a boyfriend) who had died from an overdose.

78. Homesick by MercyMe

Genre Christian
Year Released 2004
Album Undone

It’s rare to see a Christian band display so much emotion in their music and not have it be about Jesus or God. However, in MercyMe’s track “Homesick,” which is found on their album “Undone,” that’s what the Oklahoma-based Christian band is bringing to us. The song is about the torment that you go through when you lose a loved one, even if you can take comfort in knowing that they have gone on to their reward in Heaven. What I get from this song is that losing someone you love hurts deeply, no matter what you believe may happen after they’re gone. While the theme of the song is pain, this is also a reminder that we must try to move on. Our playlist of songs about letting go may help you as well.

79. Bye Bye by Mariah Carey

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 2008
Album E=MC²

From the opening of this song, Mariah Carey makes no qualms about letting us know exactly to who she has dedicated this song. She says that this one is for all of her friends who have lost somebody. Mariah Carey has sadly lost someone near and dear to her as well. In 2002, she lost her father to cancer. In her memoir, The Meaning Of Mariah Carey, the talented singer goes on to say that despite the complicated relationship that she and her father had, she misses him dearly and hates that he is missing out on so much in her life.

80. How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes

Genre Country
Year Released 1997
Album You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs

LeAnn Rimes didn’t have to look far when she was searching for inspiration to write a new song. This Grammy and Country Music Association Award-nominated track was inspired by her husband Warren’s proposal to her. According to Rimes, her husband-to-be asked the following questions when he proposed, “How do I live without you? How do I breathe without you? Will the words mentioned above melt your hearts if someone tells them to you?” Losing someone you love would leave you with that same sense of vulnerability. You wouldn’t know what to do if you didn’t have them in your life.

81. He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones

Genre Country
Year Released 1980
Album I Am What I Am

If there is one country music superstar who knows a thing or two about writing sad songs about losing someone you love, that person would certainly mean George Jones, also known as The Possum. At the beginning of this track, the narrator declares that he would love his significant other until he died, although she thought that he would move on rather easily. Sadly, although Jones knows a thing or two about forgiveness, the narrator of this track never gets that chance. In keeping true to his word, our faithful narrator died loving his former Lover, just like he said he would.

82. Broken by Lifehouse

Genre Alternative, Indie
Year Released 2007
Album Who We Are

Although Lifehouse lead vocalist Jason Wade says that he doesn’t write anything specific when he is trying to come up with lyrics, the track “Broken” was born of a very specific circumstance. Wade said, “‘Broken’ came out of a trip that lead singer Jason Wade took to Nashville to visit a dear friend waiting on a kidney transplant.” The singer said that he does not like to write in specifics because he likes to leave the interpretation open to the listener so they can get what they need. The song was also featured on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, The Hills, Criminal Minds, and, One Tree Hill.

83. My Immortal by Evanescence

Genre Hard Rock, Rock
Year Released 2003
Album Fallen

Evanescence’s lead vocalist Amy Lee is one of the best vocalists across any genre. She sings with so much power and emotion, especially in the song “My Immortal,” that she has the uncanny ability to bring a tear to the eyes of even the hardest person. There are two interpretations that I find a person can take from this somber, piano-based ballad. I find that the song can fittingly be about either losing someone you love to death or losing them due to a breakup. According to the band, the song is completely fictional, so it’s up to you how you choose to interpret it.

84. Broken by Seether (Featuring Amy Lee)

Genre Alternative Rock, Rock
Year Released 2002
Album Disclaimer

The pain that comes with losing someone you love doesn’t have to come with death or a breakup. Seether lead singer Shaun Morgan knows of a different kind of pain that I hope I will never have to endure. Morgan had to leave his native South Africa to come to the United States when Seether started getting big. He left behind a daughter whom he knew he would not get to witness growing up, and it hit him hard. There are two versions of the song. One was the original recording, and the second recording featured Morgan’s girlfriend at the time, Evanescence lead vocalist Amy Lee.

85. Goodbye My Lover by Earl Blunt

Genre Singer-Songwriter
Year Released 2005
Album Back to Bedlam

“Goodbye My Lover” from “Back to Bedlam” is indeed based on a true story. Accompanied by a piano, blunt sings this melancholy tale in a unique style that will take some getting used to. He also said that he intentionally waited for years after the relationship ended to record the song because he wanted to be able to step outside of his emotions and see the song. When asked about the song, he said, “I guess it’s a realization that you’ll never be with someone, but the frustration that they are still alive and out there in the world. It can be an incredibly painful idea.

86. Candle In the Wind 1997 (England’s Rose) by Elton John

Genre Pop
Year Released 1997
Album Something About the Way You Look Tonight

There are two versions of this sorrowful song by Elton John. The first version was written in tribute to Marilyn Monroe, whom Elton John had never met, but he had a deep respect and admiration for. The second version was written for Elton’s dear friend, Princess Diana of Wales, and was sung at her funeral when she passed away. The version about Marilyn Monroe originally peaked at the number-six spot on the Billboard Hot 100, while his “England’s Rose” version topped the charts for an incredible 14 weeks. Either version is a touching tribute to someone whose light shone bright and burnt out way too quickly. This is easily one of the most powerful songs about missing someone ever written.

87. Dancing On My Own by Robyn

Genre Electropop, Synth-Pop
Year Released 2010
Album Body Talk Pt. 1

Electropop singer Robyn certainly picked a good track to be her lead single from her fifth studio album, “Body Talk Pt. 1.” The song was co-written with producer Patrik Berger and is a sad Tale of someone who is watching her ex-lover dance with someone else from an unseen spot on the dance floor. In my opinion, one of the worst things that you can endure after a bad breakup is to see that person happy with someone else, especially if it hasn’t been that long since the end of your relationship. That pain is brilliantly conveyed in Robyn’s voice on this track.

88. Somewhere Out There by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram

Genre Vocal, Pop
Year Released 1986
Album An American Tail (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Have you ever noticed that some of the saddest songs about heartache and loss come from the soundtracks of family-friendly animated films? In this installment of the trend, we have the phone somewhere out there, which is from the animated film An American Tail. This duet from Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram tells the side Tale of Fievel Mousekewitz, who immigrated to the United States from Ukraine. Unfortunately, he was separated from his family and spends the majority of the film trying to find them. In the film, this song was sung by Fievel and his sister Tanya as they continued to search for each other.

89. My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion

Genre Vocal, Pop, Easy Listening
Year Released 1997
Album Let’s Talk About Love

We can’t have a list of songs about losing someone you love without having the song from the soundtrack to the film Titanic, which was the ultimate tale of loss. In 1998, this track that told the tragic tale of Rose and Jack topped the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and was one of Canadian singer Celine Dion’s four number-one hits in her career. I have to admit that it surprised me to hear that Dion had such a powerful voice. However, it matched the mood of this song perfectly, and I don’t think that anybody else could have pulled it off as well as she did.

90. Hate That You Know Me by Bleachers

Genre Alternative, Indie
Year Released 2017
Album Gone Now

Let me start by saying that this song is surprisingly upbeat and catching if you consider its lyrical content. In regards to this critically-praised tune, Jack Antonoff says, “It’s actually a very devastating concept which is when you love someone, you can fucking hate it because you can’t escape yourself.” So, wow, the music from this song wouldn’t easily fit in with any top-40 radio station; the message that Antonoff is saying is particularly devastating. Even after a breakup, you still have to live with yourself and the fact that you are still in love with this person, which is especially hard to grasp.

91. Joanne (Where Do You Think You’re Going?) by Lady Gaga (Piano Version)

Genre Pop
Year Released 2017
Album Joane

Lady Gaga is the last person I would expect to see on a list of songs about losing someone, but that just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how famous you are. Death and loss eventually find all of us. That’s exactly what inspired the album “Joanne” and its title track. In an interview with V Magazine, Lady Gaga said, “Joanne is about living every day as if it’s my last. My father’s sister died when she was 19 — that was Joanne, my aunt. This was the center of the pain in my family. Growing up, I never understood what the tears of my family were about.”

92. Love Is Stronger Than Death by The The

Genre Alternative, Indie
Year Released 1993
Album Dusk

In this haunting, acoustic ballad, the alternative band The The eloquently dabbles in the concept that love is stronger than death, which means that when you love someone enough, it can even transcend death. You never stop loving someone, even if they die, and that is the message that this band is beautifully conveying in this song, even if it is a little reminiscent of John Lennon’s early solo work. Unfortunately, Matt Johnson of the band wrote this song following the death of his brother. He felt that writing this song was very therapeutic for him during this difficult time.

93. I’ll See You In My Dreams by Giant

Genre Rock
Year Released 1989
Album Last of the Runaways

I have always thought that Giant’s “I’ll See You In My Dreams” is one of the most underappreciated power ballads of the 1980s. In a decade that was dominated by hair metal bands giving us power ballot after power ballad, this truck had something that most of the others didn’t. The lyrics have substance and meaning besides being devastatingly sad. This song deals with the concept of losing someone but also conveys a message of hope in that the narrator is still able to see them in his dreams. Nevertheless, what sells the song is Harry Brock’s incredible vocal delivery. I can hear the pain in his words.

94. Baby, I’ve Been Missing You by The Independents

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 1972
Album The First Time We Met

Sometimes we meet somebody who we can’t imagine life without. If you’re lucky, you might be fortunate enough to have one of these incredible romances in your life. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and the same concept applies to relationships. What The Independents are saying in “Baby I’ve Been Missing You” is that when these relationships end, you are left with as much pain in your heart as low once occupied. This leads to an incredible amount of hurt where you feel like you can do nothing except wait for the love of your life to come back.

95. So Far Away by Carole King

Genre Folk
Year Released 1971
Album Tapestry

Carole King has one of the most unmistakable and distinct voices in music. Whether or not you are familiar with the works in her catalog, Carole King has one of those voices that you know you’ve heard before, and you know that nobody has a voice that comes close to sounding like hers. Featured on her classic album “Tapestry,” the song “So Far Away” resonated with the masses, and was yet another hit for the legendary folk singer. One of the key elements of the song is the line “Doesn’t anybody stay in one place anymore,” which illustrates how people come in and out of our lives.

96. Home by Michael Bublé

Genre Vocal, Easy Listening, Swing, Jazz
Year Released 2005
Album It’s Time

What I like most about this song is that Michael Bublé chose to go in a different direction than his regular, cleaning style of vocals. Strangely, this track has a country feel, but it works. Along with his song “Lost,” his single “Home” was inspired by Debbie Timuss, with whom Bublé had an eight-year relationship. The song accurately depicts the feeling of loneliness that Bublé experienced when he was away from her. Musical director Alan Chang was a co-writer on the song and said he was inspired by Bublé’s words after sound check one day when he expressed his sadness about being away from home for so long.

97. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye by Patty Loveless

Genre Country
Year Released 1993
Album Only What I Feel

It doesn’t matter if you are 5 years old or 50 years old, losing a friend is bound to hurt you. This country ballad starts with Grammy Award and Country Music Association Award-winning singer Patty Loveless reminiscing about the time when her best friend moved away. In the next verse, we witness her packing her bags and her husband walking out on her. Instantly, we can see that Lovelace is no stranger to heartache. In the last verse, Patty is holding hands with her mother as she slowly passes away. What we have is the worst heartache she experienced at three different stages of her life.

98. Nothing Else Matters by Metallica

Genre Metal, Heavy Metal
Year Released 1991
Album Metallica

Although I have to admit that I am more of a fan of Metallica’s heavier music, I was impressed when I found out that James Hetfield wrote the track “Nothing Else Matters” to express how he felt while he was on tour and lonesome his wife. While he was out on tour in 1990, Hetfield said that he was experiencing burnout regarding being away from home for so long. However, one of the most interesting facts about this song is that he wrote the track with no plans to release it on the diamond-certified “Metallica.” Yes, the song was initially meant to be solely for Hatfield and his wife.

99. I Need You by Jelly Roll

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop, Hick-Hop
Year Released 2020
Album A Beautiful Disaster

Jason DeFord, who is known professionally by Jelly Roll, certainly is no stranger to heartache and loss. One of the things that I find makes him unique is that he can express his emotions through his music in a way that is different from most other rap artists. His music is also interpreted differently, as I have heard two theories for this song that makes sense. One of which is that he is calling out to God and saying that he needs him, while the other suggests that he is crying out for someone that he loved but was lost to either separation or death.

100. Brendan’s Death Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Genre Funk Metal, Alternative Metal
Year Released 2011
Album I’m With You

It’s funny how some things happen. On the same day that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to rehearse with their new guitar player Josh Klinghoffer, their dear friend Brendan Mullen passed away. They wanted to strike while the proverbial iron was hot, so Brendan’s death song was the first track that they ever wrote with Klinghoffer. Red Hot Chili Peppers lead vocalist Anthony Kiedis said that they were just messing around, strumming an acoustic guitar, and trying to find a way to pay tribute to the man who gave the Chili Peppers their first break. I think that he would be proud of this track.

Final Thoughts:

It doesn’t matter if you are incredibly Young are well advanced in your years. Losing someone is going to hurt. Sometimes, we lose people temporarily and they find their way back into our lives. Other times, we lose them to death and we have to come to terms with the fact that we are never going to see our loved one again. I think that would make this so incredibly hard is the finality of it all. Goodbye seems to be so final, no matter when or where you say it. If you have lost someone you love, you have my sympathy. Hopefully, you can find a little comfort in a few of these songs that will help you along your journey to find peace.

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