70 Hit Songs That Describe Your Life (2024 With Videos)

One of the things that I have always enjoyed most about listening to music is being able to live vicariously through some of my favorite artists. However, once in a while, you’ll hear songs that describe your life almost perfectly.

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It’s almost as if the artist wrote the song specifically for you and is singing it directly to you. It’s in those moments that we realize how much we appreciate music and how much our favorite tunes speak to us. The following are 70 songs that have that power. They have either described my life at some point, or they may describe yours. If you’re interested, you can find a Spotify playlist with all of these songs at the bottom of the page.

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1. Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down

Genre Rock, Alternative Rock
Year Released 2008
Album 3 Doors Down

Have you ever had a time when you felt like you weren’t yourself? Have you ever tried to be something that you weren’t just to impress somebody else? We’ve all been there at some point. The problem with that is that even if you can fool all of the people around you, the one person you can’t fool is yourself. Eventually, you’ll grow weary of trying to be something you’re not, and you’ll need to get back to being you. If this sounds familiar, 3 Doors Down has the perfect song for the soundtrack of your life.

2. Let You Down by NF

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2017
Album Perception

Nathan Feuerstein, also known by NF, is known for making music that is accessible to people from all walks of life because he raps about situations that weekend all relate to. He also focuses his razor-sharp lyrics on relevant issues like mental health, which is something that affects one in every four us adults. These people not only feel like they let themselves down, but they feel like they let everybody around them down as well. It sounds like this is something that has interfered with a meaningful relationship in his life, which is something we can all understand.

3. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

Genre Punk
Year Released 1997
Album Nimrod

Everybody has had that person with whom they have been madly in love and had to lose them because they moved away. Well, so has Green Day lead vocalist and guitar player Billie Joe Armstrong. Has the story goes, he was madly in love with a young lady who moved back to Ecuador to continue her education. The singer tried to play it cool and be mature about the situation. However, the song reflects his anger in its sarcasm. Armstrong says that’s why he included the lyrics “I hope you have the time of your life” in the song.

4. A Long December by Counting Crows

Genre Alternative, Indie
Year Released 1996
Album Recovering the Satellites

I have always been a fan of the Counting Crows, and I have always found that lead vocalist Adam Duritz’s lyrics often fit into the narrative of my life. It was always as if the singer could stare directly into my soul and sing about what I was feeling. “A Long December” is no different. It’s about the feeling of hopelessness that experience brings, mixed with a hint of optimism that things may eventually get better. I don’t know about you, but I can relate directly to this song. It speaks to my soul.

5. Complicated by Avril Lavigne

Genre Alternative Pop, Pop-Punk
Year Released 2002
Album Let Go

Romance is hard, especially when your partner feels like they are trying to be someone else around other people. It’s like you get to see a side of them that nobody else gets to see, but you want the world to see the things about them that you love. In Avril Lavigne’s hit song “Complicated” from her 2002 album “Let Go,” she’s letting her lover know that he doesn’t need to try to be cool when he is around other people. I’m sure most of us have been in a situation very similar to this before.

6. Who Says by Selena Gomez

Genre Pop
Year Released 2011
Album When the Sun Goes Down

Making the transition from being a bonafide television star to being a pop sensation it’s never easy, but Selena Gomez has managed to accomplish this with flying colors. The former star of the television show Wizards of Waverly Place is now climbing the Billboard charts with eight top-ten hit singles. Although it didn’t crack the top ten, one of her hit singles was the track “Who Says,” from her album “When the Sun Goes Down.” This song is for anybody who has ever been made to feel like they weren’t good enough. Trust me, you are.

7. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Genre Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1981
Album Escape

This 1980s classic from Journey tells the tale of a young woman from a small town and a boy from the city who both want to escape their surroundings. They don’t know where they are headed, nor do they care. As long as they are together, that’s all that matters to them. The key to their happiness is that they never stop believing in their dream and each other. The band’s Billboard top-ten hit is reminiscent of many people’s relationships and reminds them of a time in their lives when they were young and carefree.

8. Blow Up the Outside World by Soundgarden

Genre Grunge, Hard Rock
Year Released 1996
Album Down On the Upside

Have you ever been through a time in your life when you thought that you were practically indestructible, although that was the last thing in the world that you wanted? That’s what I believe that Soundgarden lead vocalist Chris Cornell was feeling when he wrote the track “Blow Up the Outside World” from the band’s record “Down On the Upside.” However, by the end of the song, he concludes that all he wants is to be left alone and for the outside world to go away. We’ve all been in that situation a few times beforehand.

9. Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

Genre Pop, Alternative Pop
Year Released 2017
Album Relaxation Album

At one time or another, each of us has been through a terrible breakup that we thought we might never recover from. If you haven’t been through this, then you’ve never experienced true love. Although the title of the song is “Bruises,” they must be the metaphorical kind because the only hurt that Lewis Capaldi sings about in this song is the mental anguish he’s going through after he and his lover have separated. He says that he is lost and feels hollow, empty, and alone without his significant other. We’ve all been through this before, though. This is one of those sad breakup songs that almost everyone can resonate with.

10. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Genre Country
Year Released 2004
Album Feels Like Today

Rascal Flatts is perhaps one of the most decorated bands in the history of country music. They have been nominated for several Grammy awards, have one ACM award, are members of the Music City Hall of fame, and have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One of their most celebrated singles is the track “Bless the Broken Road” from 2004’s “Feels Like Today.” This is the perfect song for that time in each of our respective lives when we have questioned a decision we made and wondered if all the pain we’ve been through was worth it.

11. Hard Times by Paramore

Genre Alternative, Indie
Year Released 2017
Album After Laughter

The one thing that most of us have in common is that we’ve all been through hard times at one time or another, which is what makes this track from the Paramore album “After Laughter” so relatable. In this song, lead vocalist Hayley Nichole Williams says that there are going to be times when you wonder why you even try, and they’re going to be times when people will laugh and make you cry, but we are all going to eventually have to face hard times. What separates us is how we deal with those times on an individual level. This is one of my personal favorite songs about pain and hard times.

12. My Life by Billy Joel

Genre Rock
Year Released 1978
Album 52nd Street

Few artists have the honor of saying that they have been making music and staying relevant for half a century, but Billy Joel can. The gifted singer, songwriter, and a piano player has been making music since 1971, scoring 13 Billboard top-ten hits. In 1978, he reached the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with his rollicking single “My Life” from his “52nd Street” album. I’ve always thought that the reason this song resonated with so many people is that it fits into everybody’s life at some time. Nobody ever likes to be told what to do with their life.

13. All Kinds of Kinds by Miranda Lambert

Genre Country
Year Released 2011
Album Four the Record

In this song, country superstar Miranda Lambert is saying that it takes all kinds of people to make the world go ’round, just like the title indicates. In the song “All Kinds of People,” the ACM, CMA, and Grammy Award-winning singer is intentionally contrasting people from completely opposing walks of life to illustrate her point that anybody can fall in love with anybody, and there are a plethora of different kinds of people that you will encounter throughout life. This is a song that has described at least some points in all of our lives at some time.

14. How Did You Love? by Shinedown

Genre Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
Year Released 2015
Album Threat to Survival

Shinedown holds the record for the most top-ten hits on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay charts with 29, and a record 18 have climbed to the top spot. One of those number-one hits was “How Did You Love?” from 2015’s “Threat To Survival.” When asked about the meaning of the track, lead vocalist Brent Smith explained, “The song’s called ‘How Did You Love,’ but it’s a song that asks the question, ‘How did you live your life?” The singer went on to say that we all live, and we all eventually die, but what matters is the good you do in between.

15. Fall To Pieces by Velvet Revolver

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 2004
Album Contraband

After the less-than-stellar reception of their cover album “The Spaghetti Incident?,” Guns N’ Roses disbanded. Axl Rose kept the name of the band, and the rest of the guys joined forces with Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland to form Velvet Revolver. The result proved to be a successful endeavor, as the band’s debut album “Contraband” went double-platinum, selling over 2.4 million copies worldwide on the back of tracks like the heart-wrenching ballot “Fall To Pieces.” In the song, the narrator is reassessing his life one year after a terrible breakup, which is something we can all relate to.

16. Beautiful by Eminem

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2009
Album Relapse

The National Institute of Mental Health says that severe depression is the most common form of mental illness and can “result in severe impairments that interfere with or limit one’s ability to carry out major life activities.” That’s why when a celebrity of Eminem’s status releases a track like “Beautiful,” it has the power to touch the lives of millions and millions of people. Not only does it perfectly describe a situation that millions of people are going through, but it also delivers an uplifting message of hope as well. It empowers us to feel better about ourselves.

17. Be Yourself by Audioslave

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 2005
Album Out of Exile

In 2012, when the grunge band Soundgarden went on an indefinite hiatus, lead vocalist Chris Cornell teamed up with three of the members of Rage Against the Machine to form the super-group Audioslave. The band released three albums before going their separate ways, including “Out of Exile,” which featured the single “Be Yourself.” This is one song that I firmly believe should fit into the soundtrack of everybody’s life because of its simple and effective message of being yourself. As Chris Cornell says, at the end of the day, that’s all that you can do.

18. Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Gary Allan

Genre Country
Year Released 2005
Album Tough All Over

In this country ballad, Academy of Country Music Awards nominee Gary Allan delivers a powerful lesson that we’ve all had to learn at one time or another. Featured on his album “Tough All Over,” the single “Life Ain’t Always Beautiful” looks at things from a different perspective, though. The country singer tells us how life isn’t always beautiful, and how things may not go as you expected them to. However, he tells us to use these times as valuable life lessons and to let them make us stronger people, especially in something like long-distance relationships.

19. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

Genre Rock
Year Released 2000
Album Crush

Bon Jovi was one of the most successful hard rock bands of all time, selling over 130 million records worldwide. Forming in New Jersey in 1983, the band has had three diamond-certified albums and 12 platinum records in their illustrious career. They were releasing records well into the new millennium, including 2000’s “Crush,” which featured the hit single “It’s My Life.” The song has become an Anthem for people around the world because of its message about wanting to live life on your terms. It’s like Jon Bon Jovi says, “I just want to live while I’m alive.”

20. Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

Genre Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1975
Album Fleetwood Mac

There has been plenty of speculation about the true meaning of “Landslide,” which was written by Stevie Nicks. Some people have claimed that this was about her father, while others say it’s about Lindsey Buckingham. Nicks says, “‘Landslide’ is about the fear of everything coming crashing down and not knowing how you’re going to hold things together in pursuit of a dream.” If you have ever been in a situation where you have had to decide between giving up everything to pursue your dreams or the comfort and safety of what you know, then you can relate.

21. Pork and Beans by Weezer

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 2008
Album Weezer

Formed in Los Angeles, California in 1992, Weezer has the distinction of having six self-titled albums, all of which are known by the color of their respective covers. Features on their third self-titled album, which is known as “The Red Album,” was the track “Pork and Beans.” While the title may not sound like it is capable of describing your life or anything that you can relate to, trust me when I say that its message is indicative of something that we have all been through. The song is about self-expression, and not caring about chasing trends.

22. Bitch by Meredith Brooks

Genre Alternative Rock, Rock
Year Released 1997
Album Blurring the Edges

In 1997, Meredith Brooks made waves when she released the tongue-in-cheek single “Bitch” from her album “Blurring the Edges.” However, the song resonated with the right people because it became an anthem of empowerment for women around the globe. The song became the biggest hit of Brooks’ career, peaking at number two on Billboard and driving sales of her album to over 1.4 million units sold. Women of all ages and from all walks of life or singing this song across the United States at the height of its popularity. It described plenty of their mindsets perfectly.

23. I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw

Genre Alternative Pop, Rock
Year Released 2003
Album Chariot

If you immediately recognize this song, that’s because it was the theme song for the television show One Tree Hill, but Gavin DeGraw’s hit single “I Don’t Want to Be” was also the singer’s only Billboard top-ten hit of his career. This track also serves as the theme song for anybody who’s ever felt like they’ve been pressured to be somebody else when the only person they’ve wanted to be is themselves. Set to a rock beat, this song has a feeling and a sentiment that practically anybody can get behind. That’s why it’s so relatable.

24. Mr. Misunderstood by Eric Church

Genre Country
Year Released 2015
Album Mr. Misunderstood

If you’ve ever been the kid in the back of the room that has felt like they didn’t fit in or they didn’t belong, this is the song for you. Eric Church’s single “Mr. Misunderstood” starts with him reassuring their so-called outcasts that everything will eventually be okay, backed only by an acoustic guitar. By the time the backing instruments kick in and the tempo speeds up, this song becomes a full-blown Call to Arms for anybody who’s ever felt like they were one of the kids who weren’t cool. He says that one day they will lead the pack.

25. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 1992
Album Automatic for the People

The message behind this hit single from Georgia’s R.EM. was heard loud and clear. As lead vocalist Michael Stipe says in the song’s lyrics, “Everybody hurts sometimes.” This track from the band’s Grammy-nominated album “Automatic for the People” is a tune that describes the way that we have all felt at some point. It describes a scenario that we have all been in while simultaneously delivering a comforting message that even if you are hurting, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us, but you will eventually get through whatever you’re going through. If you want to hear one of the most popular songs that may describe your life, this is a great one.

26. Lithium by Nirvana

Genre Grunge
Year Released 1991
Album Nevermind

Mental illness is no laughing matter. Millions of people suffer from mental illness every day and need to know that they are not fighting this fight alone. Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain suffered from mental illness, which is indicated in many of his lyrics. Although it sounds like the song “Lithium” was a tongue-in-cheek look at something as serious as depression, I believe that the singer was letting people know that they weren’t alone. This is something that many of us could have benefited from hearing more than once in our lives.

27. Dreams and Nightmares (Intro) by Meek Mill

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2012
Album Dreams and Nightmares

Everybody either knows somebody who started from the bottom and has clawed their way to the top of their respective field, or they have been in this situation themselves. That’s the picture being painted in Meek Mill’s track “Dreams and Nightmares (Intro).” In the song, the rapper’s lyrics tell the tail of being motivated enough to make something of himself because he was tired of growing up poor and hungry. We have all been in a situation where we were driven to succeed because we wanted to provide for ourselves and our families, just like Meek Mill. If you like songs about dreams or songs about nightmares, this is a song I recommend listening to.

28. Happy? by Mudvayne

Genre Nu-Metal, Metal
Year Released 2005
Album Lost and Found

We have all either heard of someone or have known someone who has become abundantly successful and forgot where they came from. Mudvayne lead vocalist Chad Gray says that he was inspired by a graphic novel when he wrote this song, although he won’t divulge Which novel it was. He says that the song is about those who divest their power from others and are quick to forgo any of the ethics they had before becoming successful. Plenty of us has been in a situation where someone had to climb over our backs to get to the top.

29. Just Like Fire by Pink

Genre Pop
Year Released 2016
Album Alice Through the Looking Glass (Original Soundtrack)

If there’s one lesson that I want each of you to take from this list, it’s that there is only one you. You are one-of-a-kind, unique, and original. There could never be another you. That’s also the message that pink wants you to take from her track “Just Like Fire,” which appeared in the film Alice Through the Looking Glass. She also tells you not to pay attention to what other people may have to say about you because some of them are jealous that they can’t be you. Take that for what it’s worth.

30. Stressed Out by Twenty-One Pilots

Genre Alternative
Year Released 2015
Album Blurryface

I wish that Twenty-One Pilots would have been around when I was a child. That way, somebody could have warned me about how stressful becoming an adult would be. I’m sure that most of you can agree with that sentiment. Well, whether or not the extremely successful band was around to issue this warning about growing up, I’m sure that their Billboard number-two hit single “Stressed Out” speaks to all of us. We’ve all had moments when we wished that we could revert to our respective childhoods and enjoy being young and carefree once again.

31. DNA by Kendrick Lamar

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2017
Album DAMN.

Some people are born into situations in which they will never have to struggle for anything throughout their lives, while others know of nothing but the hardship and struggles they face daily. It’s so ingrained in them that it has become a part of them. As the critically-praised song from the gifted rapper says, it has become part of their DNA. Not only does it change you, but it changes the way that you see the world around you. Unfortunately, this scenario describes the lives and the plight of many people who grow up in the inner city.

32. The Patient by Tool

Genre Progressive Metal, Alternative Metal, Metal
Year Released 2001
Album Lateralus

Many people feel like they laid a tedious lifestyle, filled with nothing but waiting for something to happen. This in itself is an exercise in patience and willfulness. These are the same people who give and give to others, expecting nothing in return but maintaining faith that they will eventually be appreciated for their needs. If this scenario seems oddly familiar and describes a kind of life you lead, then you can personally relate to this seven-minute opus from the Grammy Award-winning progressive metal act Tool, which is the second track from their critically-hailed and fan-favorite studio album “Lateralus.”

33. How To Love by Lil Wayne

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2011
Album Tha Carter IV

Now and then, a song will come along and completely blow away any expectations that you may have had about the artist. That’s what this track from New Orleans-born rapper Lil Wayne does on the track “How to Love,” which was a hit single from his album “Tha Carter IV,” which set the record for the most copies ever sold in its first week of release. The track tells a story that many people can relate to, with a young woman who (as the title indicates) doesn’t know how to love because she’s never been shown, love.

34. Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

Genre Progressive Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1979
Album The Wall

Some people have been through so many traumatic experiences in their lives that they have become numb to most of the situations or people surrounding them. When you reach This point, nothing shocks or moves you anymore. You become comfortable in your misery. Sadly, this describes the daily existence of so many more people than it should be affecting. Although this song describes a fictional character in Pink Floyd’s double album “The Wall,” many people feel like it perfectly describes the way that they are forced to live their lives in complete misery every day.

35. Don’t Follow by Alice In Chains

Genre Grunge
Year Released 1994
Album Jar Of Flies

We’ve all had at least one moment in our respective lives where we have felt completely and utterly alone, without a friend in the world. This normally stems from a falling out we’ve had with someone and usually results in one or both of the people involved walking away from each other. This can be either a temporary situation in which the two people need space from each other or a permanent situation in which one or both of you need to separate yourselves indefinitely. This track from Alice in Chains’ EP “Jar of Flies” perfectly describes that situation. If you’ve ever lost a friend or just feel alone, this song will resonate with you.

36. Everything Ends by Slipknot

Genre Nu-Metal, Metal
Year Released 2001
Album Iowa

Being deceived or lied to cannot only change the way that you see people, but it can also alter the path that you take in life. There are plenty of individuals who wake up every day wondering how their life might have been had they not placed all of their trust in someone who turned around and used that trust to hurt and deceive them. Sadly, this can make you cold, better, and angry. If you can relate to this, or if this describes the way your life has become, then this track from Slipknot’s album “Iowa” is for you.

37. We Are The Champions by Queen

Genre Hard Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1977
Album News of the World

Queen’s sixth studio album, the five-times platinum “News of the World,” will forever be known as the record that blessed us with tracks “We Are the Champions” and “We Will Rock You.” Although the former is played at practically every sporting event around the world, there’s something much deeper going on with this track. The song is about facing obstacles and making mistakes in your life and being able to overcome them. There are a plethora of people who face several types of challenges every day, but they do not let them stop them from achieving their goals.

38. Born This Way by Lady Gaga

Genre Pop, Dance, Electropop
Year Released 2011
Album Born This Way

Lady Gaga is an amazing musical artist, as well as an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. The singer is very open about her bisexuality, and her song “Born This Way” is the unofficial anthem of the gay community. The song speaks to people of all ages, races, religious backgrounds, and genders with its message of acceptance and love. Many people have said that this track has given them the courage to stand up for themselves, and have adopted the track’s main line, “There ain’t no other way, baby, I was born this way” as their mantra.

39. Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen

Genre Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1975
Album Born To Run

When you are young, most of the time your main concern is living your life for the moment, completely unconcerned with the consequences or ramifications of your actions. I’m fairly certain that this describes some point in the lives of most of the people reading this right now. Whether you were cruising down the boulevard in your hometown with your friends or trying to land a date with that person that you’ve had your eye on, we’ve all been there. That’s the beauty of this song. Bruce Springsteen sings it like he has been there too.

40. Made By Now by Rob Level

Genre Rap, Hip-Hop
Year Released 2021
Album Made By Now

Grinding it out daily at your job is something that the majority of us are used to living. It’s a scenario that describes the majority of Americans, as the average full-time worker works 44 hours per week. This can make you feel like a hamster, caught in a cage and spinning around on a wheel that never goes anywhere. Fortunately, on his track “Made By Now,” from the album of the same name, Rob Level lets all of us know that he can relate because he’s been there. You’ve put in the work. You should have made it by now.

41. Estranged by Guns N’ Roses

Genre Hard Rock
Year Released 1991
Album Use Your Illusion II

The song “Estranged” is the final part of an unofficial trilogy that also included the tracks “Don’t Cry” and “November Rain.” They were inspired by the book The Language Of Fear, which was written by Del James, who lives in the house where the video was shot. The story is about someone who finds love but then loses that love and has to face life alone. Whether you have had a romantic relationship end because of a better breakup or because of a tragedy, we can all relate to this song’s sentiment because we’ve all been there before.

42. Falling To Pieces by Faith No More

Genre Alternative Metal, Metal
Year Released 1989
Album The Real Thing

In 1988, the alternative funk-metal band Faith No More replaced their original lead singer Chuck Mosley with Mr. Bungle’s lead vocalist Mike Patton. With Patton on board, the band released their album “The Real Thing,” which was a huge success, selling over 1.2 million albums worldwide. While the track “Epic” was the big hit from the record, it was the single “Falling To Pieces” that caught my attention, because it perfectly described the way that my life was going at the time. I’m sure that most of us have felt like we couldn’t hold it together at some point.

43. Changes by Black Sabbath

Genre Heavy Metal
Year Released 1972
Album Vol. 4

Breakups can be especially hard on both people who are involved in the relationship. That’s what makes Black Sabbath’s song “Changes” so relatable. Anybody who has been in a relationship has had to deal with this at some point. Speaking factually, an astonishing 64% of Americans say that they have been through the breakup of a long-term relationship at least once. If you are one of the unlucky people who have had you endure a terrible breakup, this somber, melancholy, piano-driven ballad will sound like it is perfectly describing what’s going on in your life.

44. Eyes Of Serpents by Mastodon

Genre Progressive Metal, Metal
Year Released 2021
Album Hushed and Grim

If any of you have ever had you endure the loss of a friend or a loved one, first of all, you have my condolences. Losing somebody whom you care for is a tragic experience that can leave you feeling devastated. In 2018, the progressive metal band Mastodon lost their long time manager and dear friend Nick John to his battle with pancreatic cancer. They channeled their feelings into what would become the album “Hushed and Grim.” While almost any song from that album would fit, I chose “Eyes Of Serpents” because it symbolizes moving on after losing a loved one.

45. I Ain’t No Nice Guy by Motörhead (Featuring Slash and Ozzy Osbourne)

Genre Heavy Metal
Year Released 1992
Album March ör Die

Have you ever been through an experience that changed you to your very core? Sometimes, we go through things that affect who we are so much that we come out of the other side a completely different person. These scenarios can take someone who used to be the nicest person you knew and turn them into someone who you don’t know at all. If this happens to you, it can make you take inventory of yourself and reassess who you are. If this describes a moment in your life, and you can relate to this track from Motörhead.

46. Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon

Genre Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1984
Album Wheels Are Turnin’

When you spend the majority of your time with somebody whom you grow very close to, it’s only natural that you begin to develop feelings for that person. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to fight off these feelings any longer, and they continue to grow stronger and stronger. That must have been what REO Speedwagon lead vocalist Kevin Cronin was going through when he wrote their hit song “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” which was the most successful single off their album “Wheels Are Turnin,” and the band’s second Billboard number-one hit of their career.

47. Mayonaise by Smashing Pumpkins

Genre Alternative Rock, Shoegaze
Year Released 1993
Album Siamese Dream

Although the Smashing Pumpkins were known in small circles around the United States, they were praised by critics and reached commercial success in 1993 with the release of their album “Siamese Dream.” One of the standout tracks on that album was the song “Mayonaise,” in which lead vocalist and guitar player Billy Corgan desperately pleads with anyone willing to listen that he wants to be himself. We’ve mostly all been in a situation where we felt like we weren’t being honest with ourselves and needed to get back to being who we truly are. If you’re looking for songs that can describe your life this is one I can’t help but recommend.

48. King of Pain by The Police

Genre Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1983
Album Synchronicity

Have you ever been through an extended amount of time when you’ve had to endure more mental anguish or physical pain than you thought you could handle? You keep thinking that someone might come along to help alleviate some of your sufferings, but even if they do come along, they are usually not much help. In The Police’s Grammy Award-winning winning masterpiece “Synchronicity,” lead vocalist and bass player Sting says that he’s been there too with the lyrics, “I guess I’m always hoping that you’ll end this reign, but it’s my destiny to be the king of pain.”

49. Trust by Megadeth

Genre Thrash Metal, Metal
Year Released 1997
Album Cryptic Writings

Although divorce rates have been dropping recently in the United States, an astonishing 40% of all divorces occur because of infidelity. When this happens, you no longer have the most essential aspect of your marriage, which is trust. Unfortunately, this statistic will ring true with plenty of you reading this right now. Perhaps Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine (who knows a thing or two about failed marriages) said it best in the song “Trust” when he sang the lyrics, “My body aches from mistakes betrayed by lust. We lied to each other so much that in nothing we trust.” This is one of the most powerful songs about divorce and trust issues of all time.

50. Clones (We’re All) by Alice Cooper

Genre Metal, Shock Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1980
Album Flush the Fashion

Alice Cooper will forever be known as the King of Shock Rock, but he changed his sound significantly on the album “Flush the Fashion,” opting for a more synth-driven New Wave sound as opposed to his traditional hard rock vibe. Wild fans were not crazy about his departure from his traditional Rock roots, they did embrace the single “Clones (We’re All).” The song is a direct attack on the mindset that you need to conform to society’s standards to be accepted by the masses, which is something that the majority of us have also felt.

51. Changes by David Bowie

Genre Alternative Rock, Classic Rock
Year Released 1971
Album Hunky Dory

David Bowie is a musical chameleon who has always been able to stay at the forefront of the next big thing in music, adapting his sound to appeal to any audience. This approach worked well for the Thin White Duke, who sold 39.4 million albums worldwide. In 1971, Bowie released his classic album “Hunky Dory,” which featured the single “Changes.” This song delivers a message that I’m sure has resonated with most of us at one point or another. The song is about defying your critics and stepping out on your own to be your own person. This is truly one of those epic songs about change that I think most people will really enjoy listening to.

52. Survivor by Destiny’s Child

Genre R&B, Soul
Year Released 2001
Album Survivor

Before Beyoncé was a wildly successful solo act, she was a member of the all-girl group Destiny’s Child, which is the second best-selling all-female group of all time, despite only being together from 1997 to 2005. In their eight years together, the group sold over 29.9 million albums. “Survivor” was their second-best-selling album, with over 7.7 million units shipped. The title track to that album had a message that everybody could relate to, no matter what their age, sex, or gender was. For those refusing to ever give in, this was their theme song.

53. Bleeding Me by Metallica

Genre Rock, Metal
Year Released 1996
Album Load

In the early 1990s, Metallica changed its sound, choosing to slow down from the fast pace of its thrash metal roots and adopt a much more radio-friendly sound. The change worked, as they became the most commercially successful rock band of the decade. However, something else changed with the band. Their lyrics became more relatable, much like what can be heard on the track “Bleeding Me.” If the phrase “don’t dish it out unless you can take it” has ever applied to you, then this is your song. We’ve all been there at some point.

54. I’ve Gotta Be Me by Sammy Davis Jr.

Genre Pop
Year Released 1968
Album I’ve Gotta Be Me

At some point in all of our lives, we have all wanted to say – “to Hell with everything ” and have decided to be true to ourselves. At the end of the day, you are the person you have to face when you look in the mirror. If this speaks to you and describes a time in your life when you made that decision, then this is the song for you. In this track, the great Sammy Davis Jr. says that it doesn’t matter if he succeeds or if he fails, he’s going to do it being true to himself.

55. House of Pain by Faster Pussycat

Genre Hair Metal, Glam Rock
Year Released 1989
Album Wake Me When It’s Over

Unfortunately, too many children face the harsh reality of growing up without their father being present in their lives. In the United States alone, there are 15.78 million children living with a single mother. That’s the inspiration for the Faster Pussycat ballad “House of Pain,” which is from their album “Wake Me When It’s Over,” I guess the highest charting single of their career. The song is about a little boy sitting outside and waiting for his dad to come home. Sadly, he never does. This song reminds plenty of people of their life because they’ve lived through this.

56. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Genre Disco
Year Released 1978
Album Love Tracks

Too many people stay in bad relationships because they would like rather deal with the Devil they know than face the unknown. To them, not knowing what they will face in the outside world is far worse than the relationship they are currently stuck in. However, some break free, regardless of what the consequences may be. Gloria Gaynor’s hit dance single “I Will Survive” has become a source of strength for women who are stuck in abusive or unhappy relationships. If this song reminds you of your life, take comfort in its message. If you need some inspiration to keep going, “I Will Survive” is a great song about surviving that I recommend adding to your playlist.

57. I’ve Always been Been Crazy by Waylon Jennings

Genre Country
Year Released 1978
Album I’ve Always Been Crazy

An upbeat, rollicking tune might be exactly what you would expect from a country song from the legendary Waylon Jennings called “I’ve Always Been Crazy,” but the lyrics might be a perfect reflection of your lifestyle. We have all known the kind of person who has lived the world lifestyle portrayed in this song, or we have been that person yourself. If you’ve ever been that friend who has a reputation for taking things just a little too far, this should be your theme song, and you should keep being the crazy version of yourself your friends love.

58. Invisible by Hunter Hayes

Genre Country
Year Released 2014
Album Storyline

Some of us have been troubled most of our lives by beings painfully shy. Better yet, there are plenty of people out there who struggle with anxiety and depression. If you’ve ever been the quiet person in the hallway and if you’ve ever felt completely alone in a crowded room, this soulful, piano-driven ballad by Hunter Hayes will serve as a reminder that you are not alone. There’s a certain comfort that comes with knowing that there are other people out there who are just like you. If this sounds like you, give this a song spin.

59. Titanium By David Guetta (Featuring Sia)

Genre Pop
Year Released 2011
Album Nothing But the Beat

We’ve all had times when we thought that the whole world was against us. In those moments, you can either choose to give up or you can fight. This is a situation we have all been in at least once or twice. Well, the message behind this track, produced by David Guetta and beautifully sung by the nine-time Grammy-nominated artist Sia is what you need to hear during these times. Not only will it lift your spirits, but it will also serve as a reminder that you are beautiful and you are stronger than you think.

60. What Do Ya Think About That by Montgomery Gentry

Genre Country
Year Released 2006
Album Some People Change

Founded by singers Eddie Montgomery (who is the brother of country music star John Michael Montgomery) and Troy Gentry in Kentucky, Montgomery Gentry has been together for almost three decades. You don’t stay together that long if you are not releasing music that people can relate to. One example can be heard on their single “What Do Ya Think About That” from the album “Some People Change.” We’ve all had that one incredibly wealthy neighbor whom we’ve felt was looking down on our families or us. This song portrays that scenario, and it does it quite well.

61. The Way I Am by Merle Haggard

Genre Country
Year Released 1980
Album The Way I Am

Merle Haggard is a legend in outlaw country music. What makes him so relatable is that he sings about situations we’ve been in, places we’ve been, and things that occupy our thoughts. Never let being a country music star get to his head. He was always one of the people. In his song “The Way I Am,” Haggard sings about something that we’ve all thought about before. He says that he wishes that he could make a living doing what he loves. Like most of us, he would rather be on the water with a fishing pole in his hands.

62. I’m Different by Randy Newman

Genre Pop
Year Released 1983
Album Trouble in Paradise

With his unique singing voice and comedic lyrics, singer Randy Newman has one of the most unmistakable styles in music. However, his songs make witty observations about relatable situations we’ve all been in before. In his song “I’m Different” from 1983’s “Trouble in Paradise,” he lets all of us know that he’s different, and he’s proud that he’s that way. The way he walks, talks and smiles all make him the unique individual he is. I would be remiss if I said that I hadn’t felt like this quite a few times in the past.

63. Never Give Up by Sia

Genre Pop
Year Released 2016
Album Lion (Original Soundtrack)

Born in Adelaide, Australia, Sia Furler got her start in the mid-1990s in a jazz band called Crisp. By 1997, the band had dissolved, and Sia went solo, releasing her debut album “OnlySee.” By the 2010s, the Australian singer became an international sensation. Her contribution to the soundtrack for the film Lion, “Never Give Up,” serves as a battle cry for those who feel like life has gotten them down, but refuse to let it knock them out. That’s something that has described each of our lives, at least at some point we’ve all been there before.

64. Beloved Freak by Garbage

Genre Alternative Rock
Year Released 2012
Album Not Your Kind of People

Garbage has the distinction of being one of few bands that have not had a change in its lineup since its Inception in Madison, Wisconsin, in 1993. Fast-forward two decades, and the band was still active and releasing albums, like 2012’s appropriately-titled “Not Your Kind of People.” Featured on that album was the track “Beloved Freak,” in which Scottish lead vocalist Shirley Manson provides comfort to those who feel like they are on the outer edge of society and may never fit in. However, you can tell from her voice that she’s been there, and she’s singing from experience.

65. I Love Me by Meghan Trainor

Genre Pop
Year Released 2016
Album Thank You

One of the things that I have always respected about Meghan Trainor is that she is perfectly happy with being herself. Her lyrics provide an uplifting and positive message to people around the world about loving themselves and being who they are. The message certainly comes through in her track “I Love Me,” which is featured on her album “Thank You.” In the song, she says that people are going to have something bad to say about you anyway, so you might as well be yourself. There’s a certain piece of mind that comes with loving who you are.

66. I’ve Aged Twenty Years In Five by George Jones

Genre Country
Year Released 1980
Album I Am What I Am

If you’re anything like me, you’ve looked in the mirror and wondered how you’ve gotten so old so quickly. Some mornings, you will wake up and look in the mirror, and it will seem like you have aged five to ten years overnight. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that partying every night will age you faster than anything, which is the message being delivered in George Jones’s classic country hit “I’ve Aged Twenty Years In Five.” In this song, The Possum sings, “I’ll change this way I’ve been living or I’ll be gone before my time.”

67. I’m Still Standing by Elton John

Genre Pop
Year Released 1983
Album Too Low for Zero

Elton John and Bernie Taupin are one of the most celebrated and successful songwriting teams in the history of music. The two of them have combined for 29 Billboard top-ten hits, with nine of them reaching the top spot on the charts. Elton John has also won five Grammy Awards. In his song “I’m Still Standing,” Elston John sings about a lover who has been scorned by his ex, but instead of curling up in a ball, giving up, and dying, he fights back and is still standing tall at the end of the day.

68. Seeing Things by The Black Crowes

Genre Rock, Blues Rock
Year Released 1990
Album Shake Your Money Maker

The Black Crowes were possibly the last man you would have expected to have seen on TRL in the 1990s, but their blend of Southern blues and hard rock made them a fan of critics and fans everywhere. Their debut album “Shake Your Money Maker” was a critical and commercial success and featured the downtrodden, bluesy ballad “Seeing Things.” The song unfortunately paints a picture that we are all familiar with. It’s about how being in love can make you blind to two things that you would have otherwise seen and how they hurt when you eventually see them.

69. Against the Grain by Garth Brooks

Genre Country
Year Released 1991
Album Ropin’ the Wind

With a whopping 157 million records worldwide, Garth Brooks is the best-selling solo artist of all time and is second only to The Beatles as the top-selling musical act in history. His album “Ropin’ the Wind” has sold over 14.5 million copies and is the second best-selling album of the country artist’s career. The second track on the album, “Against the Grain,” is an upbeat song that delivers a powerful message that sometimes you have to go against the status quo and do what you want to do to make yourself happy in the end.

70. Alone by Suicidal Tendencies

Genre Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Year Released 1990
Album Lights…Camera…Revolution!

Suicidal Tendencies shocked diehard fans and metalheads around the globe with the release of their album “Lights…Camera…Revolution!” The band, which was known for combining an eclectic blend of skate punk and thrash metal to form a refreshing and unique sound, released the most sensitive and emotionally honest track of their career. That song was called “Alone.” In the song, lead vocalist Mike Muir painfully exclaims that he is alone and needs someone to hear him or help him. We’ve all had times when we need someone to take our hand and let us know everything will be okay.

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