50 Hit Songs About Music and Singing (2024 With Videos)

Songs About Music Graphic

Many of the world’s greatest songs and records were inspired by the artist’s sheer love of music. Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, the Rolling Stones, and others have written songs about music, explaining how their love for it propelled them to greatness. We all know what it’s like to wear headphones, zone out, and remedy …

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40 Best Songs About Rivers (2024 With Videos)

Songs About Rivers Graphic

Rivers are often described as the lifeblood of planet Earth. In addition to providing recreational opportunities, they are vital for sustaining ecosystems, enabling trade and transport, and giving us the potential to harness clean energy. For something so important, it’s no surprise that there are so many songs about rivers. Whether the lyrics describe a …

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57 Best Songs About Surviving to Keep You Going (2024 With Videos)

Songs About Surviving Graphic

The human spirit is nothing short of resilient. Considering how much motivation we draw from music and our culture, it’s not a coincidence that many of the most popular songs of all time are songs about surviving. Whether you’re going through hard times, battling a sickness or disease like cancer, surviving a bad relationship, or …

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50 Best Songs About Storms (2024 With Music Videos)

Songs About Storms Featured Image

Feeling an earth-shaking storm can be a truly life-changing experience. Oftentimes, storms remind us of the awesome power of nature. For some, the oncoming rainy season means water for their crops and a bountiful harvest to come. For others, it can mean devastation. Since storms are so powerful and can have many meanings, many songs …

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50 Best Country Songs About Daughters (2024 With Videos)

Country Songs About Daughters Graphic

For as long as there has been music, people have been inspired by and have written songs about their children. Songs about daughters are especially common because daughters just have a special place in the hearts of many country artists. No matter if you are a mother who is feeling that maternal bond with her …

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50 Best Songs About Flying High & Away (2024 With Videos)

Songs About Flying

That cloudy expanse that floats above us encompasses so much magic. It gives us our life-giving rain, rainbows, powerful storms, and sunshine. It’s been the subject of many studies, stories, songs, movies, and more! And the heavens above us still hold so many mysteries and possibilities. After all, that big blue shield that surrounds our …

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55 Popular Songs About the Ocean (2024 With Videos)

Songs About the Ocean

There’s something magical about the ocean, and it’s often used metaphorically in songs. Many songs about the ocean have been written over the years, and we’ll be sharing many of the most popular ones below. We’ve been sure to include songs from all music genres on the list below, so we’re confident you’ll find many …

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24 Hit Songs About Climate Change & Global Warming in 2024

Songs About Climate Change Photo

Many people believe that unless we change the way we live today, tomorrow’s world will look nothing like it does today. From warming global temperatures and changing weather patterns to more severe storms and rising sea levels, the effects of climate change have the potential to impact everyone. That’s why many songs about climate change …

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78 Hit Songs That Will Make You Cry (2024 With Videos)

Songs That Make You Cry Graphic

When you think about what makes you cry, you’ll notice that having that certain song playing in the background amplifies your urge to break down. Let’s not forget that the root of your tears doesn’t always need to come from a sorrowful event. However, when it comes to songs that will make you cry, it’s …

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40 Best Songs About Fake Friends (2024 With Videos)

Songs About Fake Friends

Trust is critical in a friendship; it’s the foundation of any relationship! Without trust, it is impossible to open up and confide in someone. We all cherish our loyal friendships, but a deceitful friend shows you their true colors every now and then. Then, what you thought was a strong wall of trust comes tumbling …

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